Backup Critical Files

Some backup systems DO NOT actually backup "open files" but rather they skip them.  This is obviously a dangerous situation when staff is not aware of it.  99% of the time, files that are open and skipped are in the A1law\Data folder.  It's strongly recommended to always check the backup log on your backup system to see if any files were skipped.

This is why I created the Automatic Backup feature in A1Law.  It only backs up the "critical files" (not everything) which some backup programs might skip.  One may configure A1Law to backup up as often as they like and also only to specific workstations if they want.  By default, A1Law backs up the criticial files once a day to the first workstation that logs off unless the staff deliberately makes a change to how often or where.

One may see when and where the critical files in A1Law were last backed up by clicking Tools, System, View Backup Log.  They are backed up in the C:\LawLocal\Backup folder by default.

One may click Tools, System, Configure System Defaults, Security, Backup Critical Files Every  X  days  where X is how often to backup.  So 1 would backup every day, 2 would backup every other day.  -1 would disable the backup.

One may click Tools, System, Configure System Defaults, Security, Backup Now to do an immediate backup of the critical files.  Again, no one needs to sign out when this is done and this is not a complete backup.  A1Law does not backup the Clients folder which is a very important folder but due to the number of files, the backup would take a lot of time and any backup system would backup that folder but may skip a few small files if they were left open for shared use.  However, these would be specific to just a few files which could easily be pulled from a prior backup.

A1Law should usually be able to backup the critical files (which many backup systems skip) in just a few minutes at most.