Envelope Tray Override

Some printer drivers have bugs in them.  The purpose of this article is to explain how to force A1-Law to use a specific paper tray (the envelope tray) and override window's default choice, if you have already tried using the latest drivers from the printer manufacturer's website and tried using the drivers on the Windows CD (XP, Vista, etc.).  Here are the steps:

1.  Upgrade to the latest version. 

2.  Click Start, Printers and Settings and right click on the default printer. 

3.  Click printing preferences or go into printer settings and look for the Paper Source and change it to Envelopes (just temporarily as the default). 

4.  Quit out and go back into A1-Law.

5.  Click Tools, Envelopes and then click the Bin Override tab. 

6.  Set the Printer Bin Override and the Paper Size to -1. 

7.  Click the Printer icon on the toolbar and A1Law will display the default numbers for the Bin and the Paper size. 

8.  Plug these numbers in each users settings at the Bin Override tab.  Each user with this printer must use these numbers. 

9.  Click Start, Printers, Settings and right click on the Default printer and change the paper source back to the default (ie: 8.5x11 paper).