Export Case Files

This article contains information on how to export files from a specific case to a folder on the desktop.  One may then copy this folder to a CD/DVD or flash drive.

From the client card click the printer icon.  Next, click the ZIP file tab then click Select All then check the Create Folder checkbox then click proceed and A1Law creates a folder on your desktop by the name of the client and all the PDF files and photos, Word Documents or anything else you decide to check in the “Include the Following files in the zip file”  but you will check the Create Folder instead of ZIP file.  A1-Law then creates  a folder on your desktop.  This folder contains all the attached files to case activity.  A1-Law also creates a PDF file and RTF (rich text file) of ALL CASE ACTIVITY for that person.  Please be sure to EDIT OR REMOVE those one or two  file(s) if you do not want that person viewing all case activity notes since it could contain sensitive data.  The file also contains a link to each document so that the user viewing the RTF file can  CONTROL-CLICK a document to quickly view it (just as you would an HTML file).  The folder containing all files will be on the desktop which may then easily be copied to a USB flash drive or CD ROM or can be placed into a ZIP file to be uploaded to an FTP site (it may be too larger to Email).