Rolodex Wizard

This article discusses how to use the rolodex wizard.

When considering consolidation of many duplicates in the rolodex one may want A1-Law to automatically determine what is a duplicate and consolidate them.  Since there can be thousands of duplicates, it is usually a lot faster to have A1-Law find and remove the duplicates and then follow that up with manual consolidation of individual duplicates as the need arises.

1. Click Tools, System, Configure System Defaults, Security, Backup Now (for a quick backup).

2. Click Tools, System, Rolodex Wizard.

3.  Select the dropdown 2A to consolidate all duplicate firm names.  Consider a Strict selection to consolidate many duplicates.  Normal will catch more but we don't want any "false positives" (what A1-Law things is a duplicate name and really is not).

4.  Under Action to Perform, select No Prompts and then leave the checkboxes unchecked.

5.  Click Proceed then click Yes and then enter Log1 for the log file.

6.  A1-Law displays the number it found to consolidate.  Click Yes to continue.

7.  Click the dropdown again and select 2B to Consolidate Duplicate Names.

8.  Select the Strict option for duplicate checking and again select No Prompts for the Action to Perform.

9.  Click Proceed and click Yes and enter Log2 for the log file and select yes to continue

Proceed to the Manual consolidation if you want to perform further individual consolidation of specific entries and then reindex either at lunch or the end of the day when everyone is out of A1-Law.

1. Click Tools, System, Configure System Defaults, Security, Backup Now (for a quick backup).

2. Click Tools, System, Rolodex Wizard.

3. Select firms or addresses to consolidate to attach "multiple cards" to the same firm cards so that multiple cards share the same name and address. For example, if five attorneys work for ABC Law Offices then they can all share the same "firm card" so that it is consistent and if they move then it only needs to be change on any one card. However, one should not consolidate "blank names and addresses" since they will belong to different cards.

One may select individual cards to consolidate to quickly consolidate multiple duplicate rolodex cards into one card (this removes cards from the rolodex unlike consolidate "firm cards."

4. If one selects individual cards, one may then click the filter button at the upper right and enter filters to limit the entries to consolidate. For example, one might enter L for the city (since a city could be typed in as Los Angeles or L.A. or LA if we just enter L then we get all cities that start with the letter L and one might also enter the first few digits of the address to filter more items or enter P for a PO Box since again multiple cards might be entered differently).

5. Click Proceed to filter and then check the names on the left that you want to remove from the rolodex. 

6. Click the Consolidate dropdown and select Name and Address.

7. Check the box to Delete Selected Cards

8. Single click on the Name you want to keep so that it is selected in the grid and then click the SELECT button at the lower left corner.

9. Click the Proceed button to consolidate the names.

When finished, consider Reindexing as soon as possible (ie: the lunch hour or the end of the day).