A1-Law / WCFMS Newsletter July 2002

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Force Email Posting to Case Activity.

Force Posting Email To Case Activity

Sometimes it's useful to have all Email for a specific case posted in case activity.  The idea is that a user pulls a client card, clicks the Email link at the client card, sends the Email.  Then, the receiver, reads the Email and may simply click the Pull Case button to automatically pull and review the case.  Then the receiver may respond to the Email.  However, the problem is if the sender and/or receiver click the Send button instead of the Post button, none of the correspondence is being saved in the case activity and therefore, no other staff members are aware of the Emails that pertain to that case.

One could say they just need to click the Post button instead which simply does both - sends and posts the Email to case activity.  The problem is that a lot of staff members may forget to do this.  Therefore, it's possible to disable the Send button when Email corresponds to a specific case which will force the staff to click the Post button and A1-Law will then send and post all Email to case activity.  You may also select a case activity category to post to by default (although a user may click the dropdown when composing an Email to have A1-Law post to a different category.

Click Tools, System, Configure System Defaults, Security.  Check the "Force posting of Email to case activity" checkbox.  Next, you may click General, Email and enter the category number in the Email to Activity preference.  This will allow you to post to a different category that the main activity.  You may even decide to create a separate category for Email correspondence.

The New Support Forum
The support forum is still probably the most undervalued service that we have to offer because not too many use it.  But, those that do have the potential to learn more about the program and how others are using it than they otherwise could.  You may visit the forum anytime and read messages and learn questions that others are asking and view answers to those questions.  You are free to post your replies as well to questions or start a new thread and ask your own question or questions.

Once again,, the more people that use the discussion forum, the greater the benefit to everyone.  The Support Forum will now automatically send you an Email any time you check the box to send Email for any replies to the thread you post on.  I automatically receive an Email for any posts on the forum.

Advantages to using the forum
First, it's a great learning tool and everyone can learn from everyone else.  You may learn a lot by just randomly reading interesting posts on the forum.

Second, it's possible that someone else may answer your questions before I even read the post.  Also, others may share how they utilize A1-Law in that situation.  I don't think people yet realize the true value of the support forum.  For more information, see the Support Forum.

Third, you may click the Search hyperlink at the forum and search for a "key word."  Since your question may have already been posted and asked by someone else on the forum, you may be able to immediately find the answer to your question rather than have to wait for an answer.

Newsletter Back Issues
Looking for some back issues?  You'll find them on our web site at http://www.appellsoftware.com. They have also been included in the help file in Version 4.00 up to November 2001.

Problems with Email Support
If you send me an Email and I have not replied within 48 hours please send a cc to Appell@AppellSoftware.com.  Better yet, feel free to post your question on the support  forum so that others can offer their input and suggestions and everyone can learn from everyone else.  You can access the discussion forum at http://www.appellsoftware.com.

Remote Access Programs / PC Anywhere
Better support can be obtained if you upgrade to PC Anywhere with DSL.  Check with your consultant about firewalls and security issues.  Some offices are upgrading from DSL to a T1 line which is even faster.  Most important of all, there is no substitute for a good backup.  Have you done your backup this week?

And now for my usual sign-off.......

Until next time, have a great month.