Version 4.1.10 New Features

(features are alphabetized by topic)

Special Report #2 now prints all information and overflows to the next line if necessary.

Case Activity
When viewing a form letter users would often click the Save button.  This would also update the date in the case activity.  Many users did not want the date updated in case activity.  The option in Configure System Defaults, Form Letters, Case Activity Update determines how A1-Law should handle this situation.  See the April 2002 newsletter for more information on this.

6.  When printing an individual activity report, the footer has been increased to 1/2 inch.

7.  Other Features, Date to use when adding allows you to change the default date from today to a different date.

8.  Report A new cost report has been added that prints the check number

9.  Configure System Defaults, General, General, Skip Cost Details.  When adding case activity and entering costs, (at the Fees/Costs page) one may skip the right section of the page after entering the costs and tab directly to the Save button by selecting this option.

Application for Adjudication
New applications for adjudications that are added may  now automatically posted to the case activity.  Select the category to post to in Configure System Defaults, Injuries.

One may now print an X on the application instead of a Y or N (for yes or no).  This may be selected in Configure System Defaults, Injuries.

1.  Address Book may now be printed and sorted.  You may sort by clicking on the titles (initials or Name)

2.  Write Mail now has a printer icon which allows you to print the Email before sending it.

3.  New Mail - now also displays whether the Email has been read or not.

4.  Right click the Post button  to Print, Post, Send all at once.  Right click the Send button to Print and send.

5.  You may now send Email without a message and only a subject.

Email Groups
Sometimes large offices prefer to create groups so that they may send an Email to a group of staff members like all the attorneys, all the secretaries, all the personal injury secretaries, all the workers' compensation secretaries, all the clerks, etc.  One may or may not decide to include the office manager in all of these groups.  Setting up Email groups is relatively simple in A1-Law.

From Configure System Defaults, General, Email, click the Groups button.  Next , you enter a different group on each line.  For example: Attorney Group,(Atty Gp),AAA,BBB,CCC,DDD would indicate four staff members in the group.  The name of the group is Attorney Group.  A1-Law automatically includes (Atty Gp) at the beginning of the subject of the Email.  Press Enter to begin the next group.  Click the Save button to save all the groups. From within an Email, one may click the Groups button to send Email to a group.

Found Cases
8.  Found Cases Now displays the date of injury.

Two new case count reports from the Found Cases window.

Report Case Count Example
Suppose you wanted to count all the new cases your entire firm took in for the month of March.  Click Search For A Case.  Enter OP for the Status to search for just the open cases.  You may also enter a type to count a specific type of case.  Be sure to check the Primary Names Only checkbox.  You may limit the search to a specific attorney by entering in the initial or initials at the Atty Resp and Atty Hand text box.  Click the Search By dropdown and select Date Entered.  Enter the following:  3/1/2002 TO 3/31/2002.

Click Search and A1-Law displays all of the found cases and the total in the blue title bar.  Now, A1-Law has the ability to break it all down by attorney and list details if you prefer.  Click the printer icon on the toolbar (right click the printer icon and select Preview if you would like a preview on your screen).

Next, click Case Count Summary or Case Count Summary (no AttyH) to view a summarize report of all the cases your firm entered during the specified time period.  You may also print an Intake Report which we cover next.

Next, you will see four reports of great interest.  Two say "Intake Report Date Entered" and "Intake Report Date Entered (details)"  These reports provide a lot of information about new client intakes including the date of injury, parts of body injured, who referred the case and the PTP (primary treating doctor).  You may select the categories of who to pull for these two selections (ie: REF for referral and PTP for primary treating doctor or maybe you use DR for doctor).  This may be selected from Configure System Defaults, Reports, Intake Report.

Relocation of the LawLocal folder
You may desire to install the LawLocal folder in a different location than the standard default C:\LawLocal.   This is not recommended, but sometimes may be necessary depending on your remote setup and a C drive may not even be available.  In that situation you may require that the lawlocal folder be installed on a different drive.  This will require a new version of A1Law which is available on request via Email.  You may then specify the location of the folder if other than C:\LawLocal by creating a lawloc2.ini file in the winsys folder for the workstations that store lawlocal in a different folder.  You will then need to include the parameter and location in the lawloc2.ini file as in the example that follows:

LOCATION = X:\myfolder\lawlocal