Version 4.1.8 New Features

(features are alphabetized by topic)

1.  You may now automatically include the first letter of the type of case in the calendar appointments that are added from the client card.  You may also include the attorney responsible and the attorney handling the case in the calendar attorney handling and attorney assigned respectively.  These options may be utilized through the Configure System Defaults, System, Calendar, General2 tab.

2.  The calendar now has dropdowns for the Venue and Event fields.  These options may be configure at the System Defaults, Calendar, Popups tab.

3.  The Ignore Edits For Last Changed checkbox at the System Defaults, Calendar, General tab only updates the date and time of appointments that are Added to the calendar and not every time they are edited (see #4).

4.  The calendar now has a checkbox at the Custom Calendar Settings window (from the Custom Tab) to display only appointments that were added or edited in a specific time period.  This means that you could view or print ALL of the appointments that were added or edited (depending on #3) on a specific day or during a specific time period.

5.  A1-Law now has 4 new reports from the calendar Print section.  Two allow for printing labels of either 20 or 30 / sheet.  This may be useful especially if you want a record of all appointments that were added or edited in the calendar during a specific time period.

6.  A new level of calendar security has been added.  This option is the most restrictive of all and prevents a user from adding or editing the calendar.

Case Activity
7.  You may now quickly and easily print an individual note to the file right when you are finished typing the case activity note from the Edit screen.  Just click the Print button and A1-Law will automatically save and print the notes.

8.  The individual case activity report has been changed to a 12 point font instead of a 10 point.  It also lists the client's name, case caption, your file number and the A1-Law case number.

9.  The advanced case activity grid now allows you to configure the width, height, font, bold and maximize the edit window.  The feature was implemented for those who would like a large font because notes are read so often and some may feel it is easier to read.  However, the disadvantage of using a larger font is that you may not view as much information on the screen at any given point in time.

Communications / Email / Instant Message / Bulletins
10.  Both Email and Instant Message now allow a new option to beep the pc speaker if you do not have a computer with a multimedia sound card and speakers.  Just click the Config button to test or change your settings.

11.  The office alert (accessed by clicking the bottom line in the A1-Law main menu) may now be printed by clicking the printer icon on the toolbar.

12.  Almost all Print Previews are now automatically maximized.

13.  The Close All Windows did not close the Advanced Case Activity grid.  This has been fixed.

14.  Many of the dropdowns in the Prospects module which may be set up at Configure System Defaults, Prospects, Dropdowns were limited to a total of 255 characters in length for all of the selections for a specific dropdown.  This limitation has been increased to 8192.  Several other dropdowns have also been increased to 8192 in other modules of A1-Law including the rolodex.

15.  You may now search by Date Entered and print a report by clicking the printer icon.  At the Search For A Case Window, click the Search By dropdown and click Date Entered.  Next, you may enter as an example:  4/1/2002 TO 4/5/2002 to see all the cases that were taken in during this period.  You may naturally further limit the search to a specific type of case with a specific attorney, etc.

You may specify the Referral category type and the Doctor type to pull on this report by entering the category type in Configure System Defaults, Reports, Intake Report.

16.  Modeless Task Report.  We have vastly improved the task report (accessed from the Report icon on the toolbar).  First of all, it will now also list tasks that are unassigned to a case.  Just be sure to leave the case information section blank to print unattached tasks.  Enter your initials (or whomever you want) in the From and/or To box.  You may run more than one task report at the same time without closing the windows.  Also, you may now click on any task in the report grid and click the Pull Case button.  The Close button has been removed from this report.  Just click the X in the upper right corner of the screen to close the window.

17.  Many of the case activity reports now include the initials of the staff member who entered the note.