Version 4.2.5 New Features

(features are alphabetized by topic)

Client Card
1.  Right click on the case activity to access any of the three formats.  You may set the default in Configure System Defaults, General, Case Activity.

1.  Email Recall recently deleted Email.  Right click on the Delete button.

Form Letters
1.  Fixed Word bug when inserting data that only contained spaces.
2.  GetParty,AskAndSupress3 stores phone number in memory cells
3.  GetLine1 function returns one line in a memory cell
4.  Memory,PostActAdvanced 50 51 52 etc
    Where 50 could contain ‘replace cost with 88’
    Or 51 could contain "Replace caseact.initials with ‘TST’"
    Allows one to specify any defaults when posting to case activity

    The PostActAdvanced command is used on a letter by letter basis
    and Overrides the UDF Add Default Macro

NoMsg.ini in the lawlocal folder will suppress any startup messages and warnings if A1-Law is being copied and errors out from a terminal server machine or if there is a date/timezone conflict.

A1-Law now displays the client’s name on top of the child windows (ie: case activity, form letters, etc)

Crystal – integrate injuries. Type = Injury

Case Activity – UDF add default macros

Configure System Default, General, Client Card, Verification Before Closing
If true – it won’t close.  Example:
upper(case.casestat) = 'OP' .and. (empty(case.yourfileno) .or. upper(case.yourfileno) = "PNC")

AutoPull is much faster.  When only one client is found, the AutoPull feature is much quicker.

Found Cases – Unique – cases or names may now be sorted and then displayed only once.

New Search Parameters and Reports:
    a.  Search by Date Entered
    b.  Search by Date Open
    c.  New Reports by Date Entered / Open - click the printer icon

My Preferences
Every user may now configure A1-Law to their preferences.  For example, some users may have bad eyes and set the point size larger whenever possible.  Click Tools, My Preferences to configure A1-Law to the settings you desire.