Version 4.3.2 New Features

(features are alphabetized by topic)

Bug Fixes
1.  Calendar - Used to insert random initials when adding an appointment that was not attached to a case (by clicking the calendar icon from the toolbar).  This has been fixed.

2.  General - The X in the upper right corner (to quit A1-Law)  is now disabled when you are at screens where you need to save your changes first.

1.  Printing - You may now specify anywhere from single to quintuple spacing when printing out calendar reports.

Client Card
You may now specify the number of lines you want to use when displaying the yellow client card message by clicking Tools, My Preferences, Client Card - 1-9 lines For Client Card Message

Related Cases – You may now quickly relate all cases with the same social security number by clicking the new button on the Related Window.

Configure System Defaults
Security, Timeout
- Logout due to inactivity.  Enter the time in minutes and enter 0 to never logout due to inactivity.  Zero is the default.

Security, Short Post - when you check "Force Posting to Case Activity" A1-Law forces users to click the Post button when sending Email so that all Email is sent and posted to the case activity.  However, if you check the Configure System Defaults, General, Email, Attach email in Replies then A1-Law automatically includes the original message in your reply.  If the user then replies back, then the third Email include Email #1 and #2 and so on.  The problem is that you then have duplicate information in the case activity.  The Short Post attempts to post ONLY the reply in the Email and not the attached prior Email's that were sent since they are already posted in the case activity.

General – General – Startup Batch Filename - This new option allows you to run a batch file immediately after the user signs on A1-Law.  For example, you may decide to run a batch file that synchronizes the date and time on the workstation with the server by including the NET TIME command in the batch file.  An example might be as follows:  extras\InitWrk.bat

General – General – User Log  Set to -1 for unlimited no of days, no space mgmt.  For example, you may decide to set this to 365 so that A1-Law stores the last 365 days of when users signed in and out of A1-Law.  To view this information, click Tools, System, TimeClock.

General – Client Card – Never update DateClosed - A1-Law now ALWAYS enters a Date Closed when a file is marked closed if one has not already been entered.  Any status that beings with CL is considered Closed.  This is the default.  If you do not want A1-Law to automatically enter the date closed when the status is changed to CL (or any letters that begin with CL) then you may check this box so that the date closed is left empty.

Court Forms
Request for Consultative Rating - 10070 - New 11/2001
Civil -  SR1 - DMV Traffic Accident Report - 10311
Civil - SR19C - DMV - 10312 

Form Letters
GetParty [continue] and [continue2] parameters position to the NEXT item in the Party list.  For example:
<<command = getparty,employer>>  positions to the first employer in the list.
<<command = getparty,employer [continue2]>>  positions to the NEXT employer in the list.
The continue2 parameter says to start the search from the next item in the list.  The continue parameter says to start the search from the current item in the list.  Therefore, the following will print the first two employers in the list:

<<command = getparty,employer>><<command = name FirmOnly>>
<<command = getparty,employer [continue2]>><<command = name FirmOnly>> 

Mail Tracker
Control-Zero now breaks out of mail tracker searches.

1. Case Activity Report - there is now a report that also prints the time.
2. Case Activity Report– Now has a report to run for the Quick Note (use category 1000001)

Technical Information
Configure System Defaults – Form Letters – Compile FormPrg
<<command = Program1>> <<command = program2 test>>
program2 command passes loForm, "test" as parameters to FormPrg

Example of FormPrg
lParameters m.loForm, m.lcCommand
oApp.cInfo = "Line1" + loForm.LineFeed() + "Line2"

General, YourFileNo enhancements – Enforce Security
Change Your File No to OpenCase.
Automatically assign PNC number with the + in the first parenthesis
Default Status – when changing the PNC number (ie: OPEN ACTIVE)
Prompt - Warn them that they are opening a new case
Primary Status – for PNC’s (ie: PNC, REJECTED)