Version 4.4.0 - Jan 2003 DOR /Expedited Haring Forms

Why Do I Need To Do This?
These forms replace forms that are no longer used - In particular the DOR and the Expedited Hearing forms prior to Jan 2003.  If you were to edit form letter 10038, you should see the following in either the first or second line:

<<command = courtform WC9.XFML>>

Now, it's possible that you may see something slightly different like WC9.X or maybe WC9A.XFML or WC9A.X, etc.  The thing to realize is that what comes after the command = courtform specifies the courtform filename to use.

The filename for the new Jan 2003 DOR is WC9D.X to use a two page DOR where the second page has more service or WC9E.X for a one page DOR.  The Expedited hearing's filename is called WC4D.X.

It makes a lot more sense to not have A1-Law automatically overwrite the entire form 10038 and/or 10041 since some offices customize what they want to appear in their court forms by default and use specific language in those forms.  Since these forms are very similar to the old forms, it makes more sense to just go in the form and change the filename to the new DOR and Expedited Hearing DOR filenames.


There are TWO new forms in this version.  There is the new 2003  DOR and 2003 Expedite Hearing DOR.

The DOR replaces form 10038 and the Expedited Hearing DOR form replaces form 10041.  Because these are not new forms in addition to the old forms and because they REPLACE the old forms - the following steps should be performed:

1. Pull any client card.
2. From the client card, click Forms (or type Alt-5)
3. Click the Edit Letters tab (You should see three tabs - Print Letters, Edit Letters and Saved Letters)..
4. Right click on the printer icon at the lower left in the window and you should see a shortcut menu.
    Click Edit a form letter on the shortcut menu.
5. Type 10038 for the DOR and 10041 for the Expedited Hearing and press Enter.  You will need to edit both letters.
6. Click the Edit button to edit form letter 10038 or 10041.
7. Either the first or second line in the letter will read:
    <<command = courtform wc9.xfml>>  or for the expedited hearing it will read wc4.xfml.
    Change the top (or possibly second line) in the form letter to read:

<<command = courtform WC9D.X>>

for the DOR. If you prefer a ONE PAGE DOR rather than a TWO PAGE DOR which includes an extra service page then enter:

<<command = courtform WC9E.X>>

in form letter 10038. Be sure to include the period after the WC9D or WC9E so that they read WC9D.X and WC9E.X.  For form letter 10041, you would change it to:

<<command = courtform WC4D.X>>

Next, click the Save button in the upper right corner or type Ctrl-S. Please note that this only affects NEW FORMS YOU DO for any client and does not change any forms that have already been saved.