Version 4.7.2a New Features

Bug Fixes
1.  Court Forms - loads faster, requires less memory.

Court Forms
1.  New Tab at the Forms menu from the client card to better organize and simplify court forms.
2.  New Copy Service Order Forms.
3.  New Med-Legal HIPAA Form.
4.  New Basic Simple Pleading Form directly from within A1-Law.
5.  DWC 280 Petition for Change of PTP
6.  Four new Superior Court Forms - Los Angeles
7.  RU 103 - updated the Other Disputed Issues fill in box.

Configure System Defaults
1.  Configure System Defaults, Calendar, Popups, Calendar Category Default from AttyH, AttyR for a case - This feature allows one to default to a specific calendar category when clicking the Calendar link from the client card.  This is not recommended because one should use the Attorney and Attorney Assigned textboxes when adding an event to the calendar.  This allows one to have all the appointments in a specific calendar category.  Therefore, in general, calendar categories should be separated by type such as Appearances, Statutes, etc.  However, sometimes offices do make a separate calendar for each attorney (although this is not recommended and was not the intention of the calendar categories).

If an office elects to have separate calendar categories for each attorney, then it is possible to default to those categories depending on who is handling or assigned to the case.  For example, from the Configure System Defaults,  Calendar, Popups - one may enter something like ABD-1,DDH-2,HHG-3  where ABD would default to the first calendar, DDH to the second, etc.  One may specify either the attorney responsible for the case or the attorney handling.

2.  Configure System Defaults, Injuries, Applicant Attorney - allows you to override the default applicant attorney filled in when you add a new application for adjudication.  In general, A1-Law uses the attorney handling the case.  This default allows you to override that.

3.  Configure System Defaults, General, Email, Allow the Sender to Permanently delete Email.  Allows anyone who sends Email to permanently delete the Email that they sent at the Sent Mail tab. Check this if you want your staff to be able to delete their sent mail.  They may delete sent mail before all users who the mail was sent to have read it.  However, A1-Law will warn them if they are deleting mail that has not been read yet.

Configure Staff Defaults
1.  Security, Permanently Delete Sent Email - This should normally not be checked.  It allows a user to permanently delete any Email, either New Mail, Old Mail or Sent Mail from the Email Status window.

1.  Mark up report now displays the caption (applicant and employer) for reports #2-4