Version 4.7.7a New Features

1.  Top Sheet now contains the Fax number
2.  Top sheet now has an option for a larger 12 point font
3.  Form Fixes:
        ML Order Form, WC31
        RU-103 Req for Dispute Resolution fixes
        ROFP form fixes
        Old DOR and Req for Exp Hearing overwritten with new version
        Answer form minor modifications.
4.   New Court Forms (also found under A1 Court Forms, WCAB Miscellaneous Forms):
        Form 10208 - Longshore LS-18 Pre-Hearing Statement
        Form 10209 - Longshore LS-203 Employees Claim For Compensation
        Form 10210 - Petition for Penalties WC-100
        Form 10211 - Request for Consultative Rating - San Bernardino WC-1284
        Form 10212 - Request for Dismissal of Application for Award / Violation of 132A
5.  Calendar - New Special Report 3b prints the calendar without the venue group
6.  Report - New Markup Report Detailed #2.  New date open search parameters.
7.  Configure System Defaults, Rolodex Security, Allow any party's category
        to be type CLIENT  (useful for defense WC)
8.  Configure System Defaults, Calendar, General2, Defendant Party to use when adding calendar appointments.
        Use either a number or a category type ie:  Employer)
9.  Form 10061 - Proof of service - Form letter rtf revision to serve all parties.
10 Command = staff  now has parameters for Alias Initials.
        (ie: 2 letter initials for a form letter) as well as parameters for
        Phone, Fax, BarNo, Specialty, Title
11 Calendar - individual access rights to specific calendar categories
        Config staff defaults, calendar security, password access for calendar categories
        Specify the category by number and separate each category number with a comma
12.  Bug Fix - pressing F1 after doing a form letter no longer gives an error and now brings up the help file
13.  <<command = card2 [Attn3]>>  puts the name after the firm name
14.  <<command = salutation3>> and salutation4 now have a CurrentParty parameter to
        allow the Spanish salutation to work for the currrent party in the list
        and not just the client.  <<command = salutation3 CurrentParty>>
15.   Calendar - One can now take the most recent appointment added or edited
        from calendar and put it into a form letter using
        <<command = calendarcurrent>> then use the code command and grab
        information from the cal1 or cal2 table
16.  Rolodex Consolidation Wizard now allows you to consolidate only those
        cards that do not have a blank address.
17   Bugfix - minor Getparty bug with no rolodex entry for someone on the parties sheet
18.  Bugfix - Export now exports out to CSV format.
19.  Configure system defaults, General, Client Card, Display Detailed Task Info
        Displays detailed information at the client card including who assigned the task and when.
20.  Task Completed - Now when a task is marked Done, A1-Law posts all task information
        to case activity including who assigned, when assigned,  date assigned
21. New GetParty features.  Example:  <<GetParty,AskAndSave  Select Parties>>
        stores the rolodex pointer information into memory variables 121, 122, etc.
        <<GetParty,Recall 121>>  positions to the first selected party and one may then
        use the code command to pull information in any format for the selected parties.