Version 4.8.0a Minor New Features

1.  Command = Card now has an ExcludeName parameter
2.  Task posting to the case activity now puts the Date Assigned first then who assigned the task.
3.  <<Dynamic TotalPages>>  displays the total number of pages in a form letter.
     This may be useful in a footer when indicating page 1 of <<Dynamic TotalPages>>
4.  Bug Fix - Calendar Conflict bug fixes.
5.  Bug Fix - A1Law launcher bug fix updates (when there is an a1law file with no extension).
6.  Sub of atty, F10076.rtf minor default fixes
7.  Instant Message Config button now allows one to keep the focus window in front.  This may be especially useful for those who do not have speakers.  If one is doing dictation and receives and instant message, they may not be aware of if they are typing and not looking at the screen.  The focus remains on the window they are typing in while the instant message window is placed behind the current window they are working in.  In this way, if they are typing a letter and not looking at the screen, they won't start typing in the instant message window.
8.  Copying applications now copy the udf memo fields.
9.  POPUPS - Type of case, case status, atty, para sec dropdowns increased beyond 250 characters in popups.