Version 4.8.2F Report Writer and User Defined Searches

Details to follow.

1. A1-Law Report Writer --  User Defined ReportWriter and Reporting.  In order to utilize this feature, the user should already be familiar with similar report writers such as Crystal along with Select SQL reporting.  Reports may be accessed through Tools, System, Configure User Defined Reports.  Reports may be run from the Reports selection at the main menu.  Inquire within for details if there are any special reports you need.

2.  Case2 User Defined Table - Configure System Defaults, Add-Ons, Case2.dbf
This table is useful for the Report Writer and adding additional user defined fields for any and all cases.
Case2 Create/Modify Button
Label name at client card for editing

3.  Search Configuration User Defined --  User Defined Searches
This will allow one to set up user defined searches such as for the Claim Number or WCAB Number or any other fields.

For example: to set up A1-Law to search by the claim number and the WCAB No, check the Activate User Defined Search Table.  Next, click the Create/Modify button.  At the Creat/Modify Search Table window, click the Create button.  Next, click the Program button and then click the Injury tab.  At the Injury tab, enter the following:

Case_No,Search By WCAB Number
I_ClaimNo,Search By Claim Number

Click the Save button.  Close out A1-Law, go back in and then at the same window click the Rebuild button.  Now, you should be able to click Search For A Case and click the Search By: User Defined and select either Search By WCAB Number or Claim Number..

4. One may now add a Task directly from the client card if the Configure System Defaults, General, Client Card, Display Detailed Task Info checkbox is checked.

5.  Configure System Defaults, Calendars, General2, Only check (conflicts) when saving checkbox will only alert the user of a conflict when they save the appointment.

6.  Republic Order Form - Address Change / Form Revision.

7.  Broadcast History / Clear One broadcast only

8.  Pleading Paper Sample for Microsoft Word #10625.  Corel Pleading Sample #10613.

9.  Superior Image Copy Service Form

10.  WC6 Green Lien minor modification for name above and/or below signature line.

11. Deposition Attorney Fee Form 10104 modifications.

12.  Bugfixes:
            Task dropdown Minor bug increased beyond 250 characters in popups.
            Printing form letters.
            A1 Court Forms Discovery Tab section was not refreshing.
            The Miscellaneous section contains the Petition for Penalties WC-100 #10210 and Longshore forms.
            Default initials when adding calendar appointments to main calendar outside a case.
            Closing a form - File Tracking Check was not notifying for long names
            Employer spelled wrong on application.
            Emergency Broadcast was limited to about 50 characters