Version 4.8.3C Minor Update

1.  New Forms:  10213 and 10214. Lien Affidavit, Order of Dismissal.  These are also found in the A1 Court Forms, WCAB Miscellaneous Forms category.
2.  Updated Forms:  The PR2 and PR3 forms have been updated to the June 2003 revisions.
3.  Default Extended Note font and point size. Configure System Defaults, Form Letters, Font Name, Font Size for Extended Notes defaults.
4.  Default initials in the calendar view dropdown.  Configure System Defaults, Calendar, Popups, Use AttyH, AttyA.  Allows one to limit the initials in the calendar view dropdown to the AttyH and AttyA.
5.  Configure Staff Defaults, Security, General, Block Keyboard Macro Rights
6.  Tools, Miscellaneous, Register Controls
6b. Controls may be registered out of the WinSys folder by specifying a folder in Configure System Defaults, drives, Controls Folder The folder may be specified for a specific workstation by entering the Drive path and filename in the lawlocal folder in the file controls.ini
6c. One may now click a Bypass button to continue with a new update and register the controls later

Bug Fixes:
1.  Some windows gave a pink error when receiving Email notifications.
2.  Allow for more initials in the calendar view dropdown.