Version 5.0.9C Update

1.    Now Allows For Two injuries/carriers per application
2.    A1Court Forms - first selection now shows All Forms.  Has a filter option
3.    One may now change the Document type dropdown to Word or Word 
       Perfect for A1-Law documents and they will open in that word processor.
4.    Write Email - case activity categories are now alphabetized (after reindexing)

New Forms
    Workers' Compensation
    New Claim Form - 7/1/2004   #10031
    Subpoena Redding   #10130
    Order - General Order Form   #10501
    Order Approving C & R   #10502
    Proof of Service with Verification   #10503

    New Civil Forms
    Cause of Action - Motor Vehicle
    Cause of Action - General Negligence
    Cause of Action - Premises Liability
    Cause of Action - Products Liability
    Cause of Action - Intentional Tort  982.1(4)
    Exemplary Damages Attachment  982.1(13)
    Cross Complaint - Personal Injury, Property Damage, Wrongful Death  982.1(14)
    Answer--Personal injury, Property Damage, Wrongful Death  982.1(15)
    Request for Admissions  (FI-100)
    Form Interrogatories  (FI-120)
    Form Interrogatories - Economic Litigation  (FI-129)
    Petition to Approve Compromise of Claim  (MC-350)
    Order Approving Compromise of Claim  (MC-351)
    Order to Deposit Money Into Blocked Account  (MC-355)
    Receipt for Deposit of Money Into Blocked Account  (MC-356)

    Form Corrections
    RU-122 minor corrections
    Proof of Service #10061, minor corrections
    C & R #10033, minor corrections
    Special notice of law suite #10073, minor corrections
    Social Security forms, minor corrections