Version 5.1.0C Update

1.    Automatic Backup Utility for the Critical Files.  Configure System Defaults, Security, Backup Critical Files every xx days.  The file "noback.ini" may be created in the lawlocal folder to disable the backup on that workstation (this is not recommended).

To perform a manual backup of the critical files one may go to Configure System Defaults, Security and click the Backup Now button.

The Backup Log may be viewed at Configure System Defaults, View Backup Log.

WARNING - This is NOT a full backup.  It's a backup of critical files that a backup utility may skip due to the fact that many backup utilities skip files that are open.  You will still need to always create a backup.

2. Injury screen now allows for 2 Employers, 2 Carriers

3. Injury screen now displays the number of injuries

4. Court Forms
    New Court Form - Order Approving C & R Johnson & Sumner #10504
    ScanDoc Court Form - Change of Address
    Claim Form - minor fixes
    Pre-Trial Conf Form - minor fixes
    RU-101 - minor fixes, tab order
    Death Application - minor fixes
    DOR / other forms now only merge the open case numbers at the Injury sheet

5. Reindex Reminder (configure system defaults, general, general, reindex reminder) has been expanded to up to 120 days.  The default has been changed to every 60 days.

6. A1Comm program now allows for a parameter START to start it automatically.  This may be placed in the startup or autoexec batch program.  Example:  A1Comm START    The A1Comm program now also allows for a second parameter to automatically minimize it on startup.  To start it automatically and minimize it, one could do this:  A1Comm START MINIMIZED

7. Workstation ID Names - Configure System Defaults, Security, Workstation ID

8. Calendar will now warn the user if the date entered is more than two years in the future.  This will prevent errors such as accidentally scheduling appointments 40, 400 or even 4000 years into the future.  One may adjust the number of days to warn if scheduled after today's date in Configure System Defaults, Calendar, Warn if after # of Days.

9. Tasks now sort the case activity categories one may post to.

10. Task Report - New Summarized Task Report - displays only one line per task.

11. Form Letters - Now has new filter options at both the Print and Edit letters tab and automatically saves the filters.

12. Default # of items that show in a dropdown has been increased from 10 to 15

Bug Fixes:
A1-Court Forms filter displayed an error when there were no forms found
Email - reply did not select the correct default category to post to
Rolodex Consolidation Wizard
Top Sheet / minor bug fixes.