Version 5.2.6a Update

A1-Law Integration with Email in Microsoft Outlook

If you have not already configured Outlook with A1Law, please click here.

Click Tools, System, Configure System Defaults, General, Email.  Microsoft Outlook

You may click Disable the A1-Law Email System if you want A1Law to read and write all Emails through Microsoft Outlook.

When sending Email through Outlook you may select the Category dropdown and select the category you want to post the Email to in Case Activity in A1Law.  Sometimes it may be desirable to not post an Email to Case Activity in A1Law.  You may click the Category dropdown when composing an Email and select DO NOT POST and Outlook will not post the Email to case activity.

Letterhead Stationary
You may want to compose default letterhead for Outlook to automatically display on all New Mail.  You may do this by composing your letterhead in Outlook.  Compose your letterhead in the body of the Email or if you already have letterhead designed, pull up a sample as if you were about to compose new mail.  Click File, Save As and you must save it with the filename OLTRHD.OFT.  You must save this in the A1Law\Extras folder.  If you prefer to have different letterheads for each staff member then you must save it in the A1Law\Staff\(staff members user name)  folder.  If it does not find the letterhead in that folder then it will look in the A1Law\Extras folder for the default letterhead. An example of why an office may want separate letterhead for a staff member might be for a personal reply such as  "PLEASE REPLY TO xxx" or one may want to specify a specific department, etc.

When one sends Email with letterhead or  replies to Email with letterhead, it may be desirable to not have the letterhead posted in the case activity.  One may want only the new text in the Email to be posted.  Therefore, it will be necessary to set up Delimiters.

One may specify a starting and/or an ending default delimiter for New Mail.  Only the text within the delimiters will be posted to case activity.  One may click Starting Delimiter (highlight and underlined in blue) for examples of delimiters.  One may click Ending Delimiter (highlighted and underlined in blue text) to use the default delimiters which are a horizontal line for the starting and ending delimiters.  One may insert their Email text between two horizontal lines and only that text will be posted to case activity.  Better yet, one may automatically insert the horizontal lines in their letterhead template OLTRHD.OFT.  One may also decide to insert    "-----Original Message-----"   as the Ending Text delimiter for an Ending Reply Delimiter.  All text up to that message will be posted to case activity and everything after that will still be sent as part of the Email but will not be posted to case activity.