Version 7.5.2z Favorites Feature

Sometimes it might be helpful to have quick access to certain client cards (perhaps those clients that call all the time or maybe work that is not yet done on a file. One method of course, is clicking Case-Cal to see recently pulled client cards. By default A1-Law shows the last 10 cases, but every staff member can set preferences by clicking Tools, My Preferences, Client Card, Recently Used Client Card List to show more (ie: show the last 20 client cards). However, sometimes there might be certain cases you want to access often that are not in the recent list. So, you can set those as favorites by just clicking the heart icon (click again to unmark). Then A1-Law can quickly open all the favorites anytime. See the picture below. Also, the client cards you mark as favorites are separate for each staff member since you all might have different preferences for client cards you might need to work on.