Speed Up A1-Law Internal Emails

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Speed Up A1-Law Internal Emails


Post by Admin1 » Sat Apr 14, 2018 12:31 pm

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The Problem: When you have something like 10,000 Emails in a file, it can take time for A1-Law to display mail in a category such as New Mail even if there are only 5 Emails because it has to look through 10,000 just to find 5 or those in that category (new mail, old mail, etc).

The Solution: The best solution is to completely remove old Emails that you don't need and store them in a completely different file which I call Permanently Archiving Emails. A1-Law will never move any Email in your New Mail folder into Permanent Archives.

You can quickly and easily move New Mail into Old Mail or another folder by clicking the Move To button and specifying the folder (Old Mail, Deleted, etc) by first clicking the dropdown to the right of the Move To button.

Move to Permanant Archives: Every few weeks or every month or two, you can perform this procedure when you find your Email is slowing down. At the New Mail tab, click the More button at the upper right. Next, click Other Features, Permanently Archive Mail. Select the number of days and click Proceed.

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