Y2K 2 Digit Year Default

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Y2K 2 Digit Year Default


Post by Admin1 » Tue Dec 12, 2017 11:56 am

You can change the default 2 digit year.

First, it will ALWAYS work properly when you enter a 4 digit year. So, if you enter something like 12/01/2021 (for any date in A1-law) then it will use 2021 and similarly 12/01/1921 will use 1921. However, suppose I'm typing the date 5/9/76. Do I want 1976 or 2076? After all, something like this or even something like 12/01/21 could be a date of birth and we might want it to default to the 1900's. Again, you can always override this by just entering 4 digits for the year rather than two.

So, A1-Law has a feature that allows you to determine what defaults to use when entering in a 2 digit year. Again, if someone enters something like 5/9/92 then they might want to default to 1992 since it could be a date of birth we are talking about.

If you click Tools, System, Configure System Defaults, General
You'll see a spot for 2K two digit year. If you enter 20 then everything from 20 and forward defaults to the date 19xx. You might want to change the 20 to a 30 instead so that all two digit years entered from 00-29 default to 2000 - 2029.

So, if you were to change it to say 80 then everything entered from 80 to 99 defaults to 1980-1999 and anything before that defaults to 2000-2079. You can decide what defaults you want for 19xx and 20xx depending on the default number you select.

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