Features From Versions in 2002 Updates 

December 31, 2002        Version 4.4.0A

1. New DOR form WC9D.X
2. New Declaration Of Readiness To Proceed To Expedited Hearing (Trial)  WC4D.X

After installing the update you will need to designate a form number to use for these forms.  For example, the DOR may be form number 10038.  You would then need to edit this form (one time only) and change the first line in the form from:

<<command = courtform WC9.xfml>>
<<command = courtform WC9d.x>>

You would do the same thing for the Expedited Hearing form (example: form 10041?) and you would use this line:

<<command = courtform WC4d.x>>

December 20, 2002        Version 4.3.9G

1. If a Client Card does not have an Intake - the underlined word "Intake" at the lower right hand side will be disabled.
2. Configure System Defaults, General, General, UserLogUpdate checkbox must be checked to update every 15 min
otherwise the TimeClock is updated only when they sign off.
3. Configure System Defaults, Prospects, Miscellaneous, Case activity category to post prospect notes to when adding a new case.
4. Found cases window now allows injury information to be included when exporting information to create labels for the files.
5. (4.3.9c) Special Calendar Report #3
6. (4.3.9c) Rolodex Consolidation Wizard minor bug fixes and improvements.

7. (4.3.9d) Personal Notepad Categories (up to 10 categories)
8. (4.3.9d) Calendar - ability to filter by attorney handling  * OR * attorney assigned.

9. (4.3.9E) Personal Notepad Enhancements - naming.
10. (4.3.9E) Calendar Style #3 - minor revision.
11. (4.3.9E) Old expedited hearing form - WC4B.X

12. (4.3.9F) Case records now automatically positioned in Found Cases window.

13. (4.3.9G) Depo Attorney Fee form improvements #10104
14. (4.3.9G) Calendar now allows for sorting by Date,Time,AttyH
15. (4.3.9G) Calendar Style #3 - minor revision.
16. (4.3.9G) Minor street map bug fix which checks for map data.
17. (4.3.9G) Document Tracker now refreshes the toolbar

December 4, 2002        Version 4.3.8

1.  Maps - A1-Law now contains a map of every street in the state of California (data available on request)
2.  Republic Document Mgmt Order Form
3.  Rolodex Wizard Selective Improvements, from Tools
4.  Configure System Defaults, Security, Log
5.  Configure System Defaults, Security, OneInstance
6.  File Number may be configured to trim spaces.
7.  Location now first shows the person who made the change, date, then the location
8.  Bug Fix - Changing type of case automatically changes UDF fields without having to close the client card
9.  SrchConf.ini file in the extras folder allows one to configure injury information displayed in Found Cases window.:

November 26, 2002        Version 4.3.7

1. Form Letters - Right click the save button to print and save.
2. Tasks – now positions past the name when adding a task.
3. Case Activity Other Features - Clone a letter (just like in the document tracker)
4. Improved pack program – removes deleted records from the rolodex
5. Envelopes no longer place a comma after the state
6. Top Sheet now prints the type when printing parties
7. Form 10103 Req to Produce with pleading updated, F10103b.x
8. Form 10091 Notice of Dismissal now has the client’s name below the signature line

November 1, 2002        Version 4.3.6

1.    Document Tracker Additions / Bug Fixes
2.    Command = userfield now allows for the NONE parameter to position to that page
3.    Command = userfield now allows for the STORE parameter to store field in a memory variable 1-99
4.    GetPartySave, GetPartyLoad now retrieves officeno data
5.    Command = HisHer now allows for the UPPER, LOWER, PROPER parameters

October 23, 2002        Version 4.3.5

1.  Document Tracker Additions / Bug Fixes
2.  Message window at client card defaults to proper number of lines to be displayed.  One may force to always show a specific number of lines in My Preferences by entering a negative number (ie: -2 displays 2 lines).
3.  Configure System Defaults – General – Auto Adjust Windows may be unchecked to keep windows maximized when other windows are closed over those maximized windows.
4.  Extended notes now uses the same print controls as form letters.

October 17, 2002        Version 4.3.4

1.  Rolodex Wizard to consolidate duplicates (major module addition).
2.  Document Tracker (major module addition).
3.  Form Letter - Task Macro Addition
4.  Personal Notepad - Rich Text Format.
5.  Discovery Req To Produce - F10103b uses pleading paper.
6.  Fixed PI Summons Form
7.  GetParty positions to the correct casecard for office numbers.
8.  Changed the display column order in the File Tracker to conform
     with Search For A Case.
9.  Phone Dialer automatically enters a 1 and/or 9 per staff default phone settings.

Instructions / Details will follow for #1 to #3.

September 15, 2002        Version 4.3.3

1.  Advanced search capability by last name.
2.  Export button from found cases window.

September 10, 2002        Version 4.3.2        Many Items

1.  Click here for details.

Aug 12, 2002        Version 4.3.1        Clone Cases, Rolodex Security

1.  Copy/Clone a case
2.  Configure System Defaults, General, General, Enhanced Rolodex Security
3.  New calendar report – Special Report #2 Large fonts
4.  GetParty,Ask13 Name and Firm only on two separate lines
5.  Case Activity Report – now has a report to display initials
6.  Quitting through Ctrl-0 new and improved.

Aug 5, 2002        Version 4.3.0

Printer Fixes, Adobe Acrobat Integration, New Court Forms, Reports

Many new features and court forms were added to this version.  Click on the link below for details.

Version 4.3.0 Details

July 7, 2002        Version 4.2.5          My Preferences - Case Activity - Recall Email

Many new features were added to this version.  Click on the link below for details.

Version 4.2.5 Details

May 27, 2002        Version 4.2.3          Crystal Compatible Table Transfer Updates

1.  GetCard statement added.
     Example: GetCard("employer"): replace myfirm with card2.firm

2.  Browse command expanded to the crystal user defined tables

May 24, 2002        Version 4.2.2e          Bug Fix Update for Version 4.2.2e

1.  Displays the case caption in addition to the case number from windows accessed from the client card.

2.  Displays the state and zip code in the Find a Name in the Rolodex search results.

3.  Bug Fixes:  (a) Notifications    (b) GetList bug in form letters.   (c)  Other minor bug fixes

May 20, 2002        Version 4.2.0          Preferences / Error Checking

Click here for details (The highlights in version 4.2.0 are listed below)

1.  Click Tools, My Preferences to configure A1-Law to your needs.

2.  Error Checking - Use Ctrl-0  (that's a zero, not the letter O) to break out of searches.  Also, Ctrl-0 allows you to sign out and sign on again as another user.  You may also use this to quit the program where you otherwise may not be able to.

April 27, 2002        Version 4.1.10      Case Count Report / Email Groups

Click here for details (The highlights in version 4.1.10 are listed below)

1. Case Count Report - Quick and Easy to get a summary or detailed case count of all new cases taken in during any time period and how many each attorney took in. This may also be useful to see if you need to hire new staff when you are growing and taking in more cases.
2. A1-Law Email Groups are now available (ie: Secretary Group, Attorney Group, etc).
3. Court forms automatically save every 5 minutes - this is especially nice if you have a power failure or glitch when working on a 5 page form like the summary of settlement proceedings.
4. Form Letters/Case Activity may save the new or old dates (see the April Newsletter for details)
5. Found Cases Window - Now displays the date of injury.

April 17, 2002        Version 4.1.9      Text Toolbar / Minor Fixes

1.  This version adds a Text Toolbar for expert users.  Click Window, Show Small Toolbar.  It may be configured as a default in Staff Defaults, General.

2.  Minor case activity print bug fixed. Fixes Court Form save feature.  One had to click off the current field before saving or the contents in that specific field was not saved.

3.  Form Letters - now allows you to prompt the user AFTER printing the letter.  This applies to Word and/or Word Perfect integration since the prompt defaults to AFTER for all A1-Law form letters already.

4.  Communications - Blink an icon in the system tray when a user receives new mail, instant messages or a chat page.  Check the box in Configure System Defaults, General, Email, Use System Tray Icons.

April 13, 2002        Version 4.1.8      Date Entered Report / Modeless Task Report

Although the highlights are the two reports, Version 4.1.8 has a lot of little "goodies" that have been added.

1.  You may now search by Date Entered and print a report by clicking the printer icon.  At the Search For A Case Window, click the Search By dropdown and click Date Entered.  Next, you may enter as an example:  4/1/2002 TO 4/5/2002 to see all the cases that were taken in during this period.  You may naturally further limit the search to a specific type of case with a specific attorney, etc.

2.  Modeless Task Report.  We have vastly improved the task report (accessed from the Report icon on the toolbar).  First of all, it will now also list tasks that are unassigned to a case.  Just be sure to leave the case information section blank to print unattached tasks.  Enter your initials (or whomever you want) in the From and/or To box.  You may run more than one task report at the same time without closing the windows.  Also, you may then click on any task and click the Pull Case button.

3.  Many other "goodies."  Click here to see all the other items that have been included in 4.1.8.

March 24, 2002        Version 4.1.7       Universal Spell Check

1.  Alt-F3 for universal spell check.  You may also right click in most areas in A1-Law including case activity, Email, Tasks, etc.  You may highlight a specific word or words to check and then right click.
2.  Configure System Defaults, Holidays, Birthday alert when adding calendar events.
3.  New case activity will copy user defined defaults from the old activity in Admin Update.
4.  Form Letters - the print tab now supports incremental searching by the title of the form letter.
5.  Bug Fix – Email content was duplicated when pasting old Email in replies.

March 22, 2002        Version 4.1.6        External Report Writer Compatibility

1.  Configure System Defaults, Table Transfer Utility for compatibility with Crystal Reports.
2.  Find feature in case activity to search for a text string in notes.
3.  Configure Staff Defaults, Security, General2, Default Task to Initials.
4.  Bug fix when adding firms in Parties after clicking the Injuries tab at the client card.

March 10, 2002        Version 4.1.5        Case Activity Improvements - User Defined Colors

1.  Version 4.1.5 now offers more features to all 4.0 users of A1-Law.  First, we have vastly improved the Case Activity which allows each user to select the Advanced Case Activity screen.  This advanced screen presents information to the user in many different formats.  One may view all the notes on the screen without having to click on each line.  Also, case activity categories may be set up to view Notes, Costs, Fees, Checks as well as other formats including user defined formats.  More documentation will be provided later on this website.  For now, you may right click on Case Activity to view case activity in the new format - defaults may be configured in System and Staff defaults for each user.

2.  Colors are now user definable - you may add or change intensity of colors in System Defaults.

3.  Version 4.1.5 adds a new report for a UDF Case Count.  This report allows the office to view a summarized or detailed case count for all their cases and includes the ability to set up a user defined screen and count all of the UDF fields that contain a Y for yes.  UDF fields may contain a Status Page with fields like Future Med, Depo, Rehab, ADA, SW, Penalties, 132A etc.  This report will count all cases that have a Y in those user defined fields.  In addition, you may create UDF fields for other types of cases as well (ie: Civil, Social Security, etc).

February 19, 2002        Version 4.1.0        Corel and Word Integration

We are now proud to offer a major new feature - full, easy and complete integration with both Microsoft Word and Corel Word Perfect.  Click here for more information on integrating with either Microsoft Word or Corel Word Perfect.

1.    Full, complete and tight integration with Microsoft Word and Corel Word Perfect.

2.    Sort New Mail by the most recent mail first (not recommended).  Click Configure System Defaults, General, Email, Show recent new mail first.

3.    Judge's name now shows in the Next Calendar Event at the client card.

4.    Judge's name does not get truncated (if the entire name can't fit) when printing calendar reports.

February 13, 2002        Version 4.0.9

1.    Allows you to manually order the Injuries at the client card
       Enable this option in Configure System Defaults, Injuries, Allow manual ordering of injuries.

2.    Configure Staff Defaults, Security, Form Letters now allows for only the
        form letter template or individual saved letters. There's a checkbox for each one.

3.    Calendar Clone button - Now allows cloning of the notes in the calendar.

February 12, 2002        Version 4.0.8

1.    Colors are now activated in the calendar at the Day and Custom tabs.
2.    Printing case activity now displays all of the user defined fields when printing from the client card.
       You would select the Collated UDF's option when printing case activity.
3.    A1-Law was displaying tasks were overdue when none were.
4.    The Title in Configure Staff Defaults now saves properly.
5.    A1-Law now purges more temp files in the temp folder with more extensions.
6.    Mail Tracker - Now displays the follow up date
7.    Mail Tracker - Now allows you to display the Client Card Injury Summary.
8.    There are now two default caption styles to choose from.
       Configure System Defaults, General, Client Card, Caption Style 1 or 2

January 29, 2002

Hello and Happy New Year to all:

We have completed A1-Law Version 4.00. Version 4.00 is a major improvement over the prior release. The power and potential in version 4.00 is really quite enormous. Shipping is completed and you should receive your copy this week.

New minor updates to Version 4.00 will be provided to you right here on our website.  You will be able to download and install these updates even without having to have everyone exit out of A1-Law.  However, everyone must exit out when you install Version 4.00.

Please consider using our support forum for posting ideas, questions and comments regarding A1-Law so that everyone may learn from everyone else.

All the best,