Features From Versions in 2004 Updates 

December 15, 2004       Version 5.1.8c        Updates / Bug Fixes

1.    Email integration with Microsoft Outlook Integration
Click here for details - Now includes details on configuring your Outlook Custom Views
2.  Configure System Defaults, Tasks, Days to keep completed tasks now allows up to 999 days.
3.  Rolodex now allows for a middle initial or name.  Configure System Defaults, Rolodex Security, Update rolodex table.
4.  Location ID no longer asks a new user for a location name if it is set to the system login name in configure system default, security, Always use login ID's
5.  Platinum Copy Service form.

December 8, 2004       Version 5.1.7b        Updates / Bug Fixes

1. New San Diego subpoena and SDT forms
2. Injury full report now prints the adjuster
3. Configure System Defaults, Calendars, General2, Default Status

Minor Bug Fixes:
1. Form 10027 attorney agreement now prints
2. Rolodex Detail search now displays the complete firm name

November 22, 2004       Version 5.1.6b        Updates / Bug Fixes

1.  Calcomp legal reproduction services order form
2.  Bugfix - Microsoft Word / A1Law / XP Compatibility issues.

November 18, 2004       Version 5.1.5a        Updates / Bug Fixes

1. Empire Document Imaging copy service form
2. Mailing labels now print the suffix or salutation as well as the first and last name.  Example:  Jon Doe, M.D.
3. Tasks default changed to 7 days.  Minor print bug fixes.
4. Configure system defaults, Security, always use login id's   -  this feature uses the windows login ID rather than the A1-Law ID to identify the workstation.
5. Timeclock now includes the location ID
6. New Reindex program
7. Fix Locked Cases now more effective.

Bug Fixes:
New Reindex program fixes firm search bugs

November 2, 2004       Version 5.1.4a        Updates / Bug Fixes

1. Tasks may now be specified as to how many days are displayed.  The default is 30 days.  Click Tools, My preferences, Client card, Tasks, Days to show from today to adjust.

Bug Fixes:
SDT Forms
#10027, Attorney Agreement
#10068, DEU102

October 25, 2004       Version 5.1.3a        Updates / Bug Fixes

1. Warning message now only displays how many (Non-Deleted) cases will be affected when editing a rolodex entry.
2. Party sheet now has Details for multiple addresses.
3. DOR - enlarged spot for Defendant
4. New Court Form:  #10458, SSA Request for Review of Hearing Decision/Order  (HA-520-U5)

Bug Fixes:
Security access enhancements

October 4, 2004       Version 5.1.2b        Updates / Bug Fixes

1. Form Letters - Pressing Control-Zero and selecting End the Current A1-Law Task now breaks out of a form letter.
2. New Court Forms
  #10218 - Petition for Order Allowing Attorney's Fees
  #10219 - Order Allowing Attorney's Fees (Rehabilitation Proceedings

  Bankruptcy Forms
  #10701  Declaration - F4001-1.DEC
  #10702  Order Granting Motion - F4001-10.NA
  #10703  Notice of Motion - F4001-1M.NA

3. <<command = card address2>> pulls the second address for a rolodex card.  Similarly address3, address4 and address5 pull the other addresses.
4. Export now allows one to create Corel Merge Data Files for mass mailings

Bug Fixes:
Top Sheet
#10041 - WC4, typo fix

September 22, 2004       Version 5.1.1b        Updates / Bug Fixes

1. Form Letters - Saved Letters now displays both the initials of who created the letter and who last changed it.
2. New Email may now be sorted by date, case number, subject or who from.
3. Form Letter filter range may be a system default, Form Letters, Range.
4. Minor bug fixes.

September 20, 2004       Version 5.1.0c        Updates / Bug Fixes

1. Many New Features - Click Here For Details

August 24, 2004       Version 5.0.9D        Updates / Bug Fixes

1. Many New Features - Click Here For Details
2.  5.0.9d fixes the default case activity to post to when writing Email.

August 11, 2004       Version 5.0.8A        Updates / Bug Fixes

1. Case Activity - OLE Tab - Attach Excel Documents.  Attach any Default document.  The default program may be changed by right clicking on the document in explorer and clicking the properties tab  (XP/2000).
2. Case Activity - when deleting, more information is displayed for confirmation.
3. Case Activity - A1-Law now displays a warning when pressing the Escape key.
4. When configuring the back color of the client card for specific types of cases and/or status the color may be hard on the eyes so you may now specify to change only the color at the far right of the client card.  Configure System Defaults, System Colors, Change color at the far right of the client card.
5. Search For A Case - more characters may now be inputted in the dropdowns.

Bug Fixes:
1.  Client card background color fixes when using Terminal Server

August 1, 2004       Version 5.0.7B    Bug Fixes

1.  RU-120

July 29, 2004       Version 5.0.7A    Updates

1.  Custom configure default back color of the client card for specific types of cases and/or status.
        Configure System Defaults, System Colors, Override Default Client Card Background Colors
2.  GetParty enhancement.  [Prioritize] checks each status in the list first with each party.  For example,  <<command = getparty,TPA,CLIENT [prioritize]>><<command = card>>  will look for the first TPA in the list and find the first one if there is one at all otherwise it looks for the first  party that is a Client.  If one does not use the [prioritize] statement, A1-Law would find the first party in the list that has a type of either TPA or CLIENT.

July 25, 2004       Version 5.0.6D    Updates / Bug Fixes

1. New Forms and bug fixes for forms:
        Miscellaneous - Stipulation and Order to pay a lien claimant, 10216
        Miscellaneous - Lien Information Form, 10217
        Superior Image form, 10013
2. Tasks now post in color to case activity
3. Configure system defaults, Tasks, Action when editing tasks.  One may have A1-Law automatically insert the date, time and initials of the person updating a task when it is not completed yet every time that task is edited.
4. Configure System Defaults, Tasks, Expand All Advanced Tasks checkbox as a default.
5. Configure System Defaults, Prospects, Miscellaneous, Action when editing prospect notes  (automatically insert initials date and time at top or bottom of prospect notes).

Bug Fixes:
1. Calendar time messed up when one double clicked on the date and then did not specify a time
2. Fixed problem editing a task when receiving an instant message.

July 1, 2004       Version 5.0.5C    Social Security Forms, Rolodex Enhancements, Bug Fixes

1. New Social Security Forms

10451: OCF Authorization to Disclose Information to the SSA (SSA-827)
10452: OCF Request For Hearing By Administrative Law Judge (HA-501-U5)
10453: OCF Request For Reconsideration (SSA-561-U2)
10454: OCF Disability Report Appeal (SSA-3441-BK)
10455: OCF Appointment Of Representative  (SSA-1696-U4)
10456: General Authorization For Release Of Records
10457: Two-Tier Fee Agreement, Social Security/SSI

2. New Fax Cover Sheet, 10668
3. Rolodex Extended Address Capabilities - up to 5 addresses.  Configure System Defaults, Rolodex Security, Update Rolodex Table.  Titles for extra addresses (ie:  Mailing Address, Billing Address, Treating Address, etc)
4. Configure System Defaults, General, General, Reindex Reminder  (defaults to remind to reindex every 30 days).
5. Reindex program updated to include additional data maintenance routines.
6. <<command = staff,FirmCounty>>  pulls the county from system defaults.
7. Default form letter defaults update for 10041, 10061, 
    10085  Notice of Hearing, library update to autopost to the calendar
8. Minor Corel 8 compatibility enhancements with XP.
9. commoff.ini in the extras folder turns off the A1Comm server

Bug Fixes:
1. Email - Keep as New was not showing Read at the New Mail tab
2. File Tracker no longer searches deleted files.

May 17, 2004       Version 5.0.4B    New Features, Forms, Bug Fixes

1. New Civil Court Forms

             (Notice.....These civil court forms are in the process of being double checked)

     Statement of Damages - PI or Wrongful Death
     Civil Case Cover Sheet
     Summons (Rev 1/2004)
     Complaint - PI, Prop Damage, Wrongful Death
     Cause of Action
     Case Management Statement
     Civil Case Cover Sheet Addendum & Statement of Location

2. Advanced Task Module has Priorities of Low, Medium & High
3. Reindex utility now reindexes doc tracker
4. Document Tracker now has an option for password access
5. Configure Staff Defaults now has room for 25 characters for the first and last names of the staff member

Bug Fixes:
1.  Task Reports

May 11, 2004       Version 5.0.3g    New Features

1. Task Advanced Features:  To activate go to Configure System Defaults and click Tasks/Task Macros and then click the Use Advanced Features button.  Next, check the Use Advanced Task Features checkbox and click the Update Task Table.  Everyone must be out of A1-Law to update the table or A1-Law will notify you to try again later.  Click the Save button after A1-Law updates the task table.  New task features include unlimited data entry for a specific task,  Colors, Priority levels, Type of Task, Task Phase.  More enhancements will be added in future versions
2.  Rolodex - Details, All Inclusive Search
3.  Top sheet now has a header for every page
4.  Xnotes now have same defaults Page View, Zoom Factor as form letters

Bug Fixes:
1. Fax number printing twice on the top sheet
2. Spell check with Word did not always work with all A1-Law form letters.
3. Clicking the Cancel button at the login screen sometimes would first display a pink screen before quitting.

April 18, 2004       Version 5.0.2b    New Features

1. Top sheet now has an option to display all phone numbers and captions.
2. Minor form fixes - wc1, wc1b, wc6, Proof of Service
3. Broadcast automatically refreshes to the most recent one sent.
4. Tools, miscellaneous, fix locked files - minor improvements.

March 16, 2004       Version 5.0.1b    New Features, Forms, Bug Fixes

(If you currently have 5.0.1a, you do not need to get the "b" version.  It only contains a specific undocumented request.)

1. One may now create tables at the Print Letters window using the  O  button.
2. There is now an optional pleading in A1-Law that allows for a lower top margin.  Form 10667 pleading Overlay file allows one to use the new command:  <<OVERLAYFORM 10667>>  Change the top margin to .75, bottom = .5, left = 1.00, right = .5.  Linefeed settings are the same .174 and .348.  Everything is the same except the top margin.  One may use the OVERLAYFORM command more than once in the same form letter.  But, commands in the overlayed form are ignored; only text is allowed.
3. Updated Court Form - Rating - Request for Consultative Rating - Jan 2003 form, Form 10070
4. New Court Form - Pre-Trial Conference Form for San Diego - Edit form 10058 and use the filename: F10058SD.X
5. The Client card now has more room to display client's home and business phone number.  Some users are entering *82 and the phone number and A1-Law was truncating the last two digits in the phone number forcing users to have to look in the rolodex.
6. Rolodex/Party search enhancements at the "Find A Name In The Rolodex"  A1-Law now allows you to print the main rolodex reports as well as Export the information out to an Excel, ASCII or other file format.
7. The Rolodex has new searching capabilities for reports.  New Query Search option which allows one to easily select any field or fields and enter the AND boolean option  (for example - select card2.city and enter  LOS ANGELES OR VAN NUYS).  You may enter a specific TYPE or several such as ATTORNEY OR INSURANCE.  You may further limit the search by entering a specific specialty or specialties such as ALLERGIST OR INTERNIST OR ORTHOPEDIST.  You may save your search settings by clicking the button OTHER.

Bug Fixes:
1. <<command = Staff,firmphone>> and <<command = staff,firmfax>> bug fixes
2. Calendar did not save the AttyA when it used the default initials
3.  Form 10101 - Pre-Application Disc Order petition - minor fixes.

February 23, 2004       Version 5.0.0d    Minor Bug Fixes
1.  A1-Law uses color #1 for any forms at the Saved Letters tab that have undefined colors
2.  A1-Law Spell Check

February 19, 2004       Version 5.0.0B    Minor Revisions / Bug Fixes
1. One may now print labels and/or envelopes from the GetParty command or labels from the Envelope window.  You may also print them directly from the Party sheet.
2. Instant Message will now automatically notify a user if they are unavailable.  They may either uncheck the checkbox or send an instant message to turn off the auto-reply that they are not at their desk.  The user will see all instant messages when they return to their desk along with the time the message(s) were sent.
3. Attach all files in a WP, WORD or Adobe Acrobat directory to case activity.  From case activity, click Other Features (Alt-O) and then click Attach Documents.  Select the document type to attach and use the Control and or Shift key to select file(s) to attach from a folder or folders.
4. Attorney Diversified Services copy order form
5. Emergency broadcast may now be disabled through Config Sys Defaults, A1Comm Settings, Disable the Emergency Broadcast Option
6. Extract Default Form Letters from the A1Law library. Right click on the printer icon at the Edit tab at form letters.  For example, one may extract the default Republic Document Order form by right clicking the printer icon and selecting Extract a form letter and entering 10014.
7. The  log tracker now has the ability to sort ascending or descending and one may also print the log by day or the entire log.

Bug Fixes:
1. Sub of Atty 10076.  Three fields for the client were attached.
2. Stip/Death 10075, minor form fixes
3. WC3S, Fee Disclosure 10045, minor form fixes
4. Some court forms displayed a Load Failed in Win 98
5. Task reports were truncating the task on the print out..
6. Reindex utility fixes for log file

February 3, 2004       Version 4.8.8C    Minor Revisions / Bug Fixes
1.   Configure Staff Defaults, User Information (2), Email
    command = staff  now has parameters for Email as well as parameters for Phone, Fax, BarNo, Specialty, Title, Alias.  This could be useful for automatically inserting a staff member's Email on a form letter.
2.  File tracker report now has a Normal/Landscape option that prints the applicant's name as well as the caption.
3.  AskAndSuppress may not be used in the GetParty as well as AskAndSupress.  Both commands do the same thing.

Bug Fixes:
1.  Rolodex no longer checks for duplicate firms if the attach button is disabled.
2.  Editing a rolodex card from the parties sheet does not change the attached parties at the client card when clicking the X to close the window.

February 1, 2004       Version 4.8.8A    Minor Revisions / Bug Fixes

1.  Saved Form Letters Tab now displays colors
2.  Rolodex Firm2 Consolidation - Configure System Defaults, Rolodex Security,
        a. Disable the Attach button
        b. Break Relations

Some offices may find it desirable to disable the Attach button in the rolodex so that there is only one firm card for each rolodex card.  This eliminates the problem of remembering to Detach the firm name and address when an adjuster leaves an ins. co..  Otherwise, changing the firm and address changes it (the firm name and address) for all attached rolodex cards.  The Break Relations buttons automatically assigns exactly one firm/company card to each rolodex card.

Bug Fix - Some reports did not print in landscape

January 19, 2004       Version 4.8.7E    Minor Revisions / Bug Fixes

1. Configure System Defaults, General, Case Activity, View Initials Style
2. Configure System Defaults, A1-Comm Settings, Automatically reconnect on socket timeout.
3. Case Activity Report - now has caption and page no in the header on every page
4. New Court Forms -
    a. Form 10215 - Petition to Terminate Liability for TD Indemnity
    b. Form 10401 - Castle Photocopy Service
    c. Form 10402 - CIGA Photocopy Service
    d. Form 10403 - Compex Photocopy Service
5. Revised Court Forms - 
    a. WC30 - Form 10101 - Petition for Pre-App Discovery Order
    b. WC30A - Form 10102 - Pre-Application Discovery Order
6. New list and tree controls for future releases.

Bug Fixes:
Reports were not going to the default printer tray
A1Comm server now logs a workstation off when signing on at another workstation
Editing the user defined screen from case activity was not properly refreshing popups.

Features from updates in the year 2003

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