Features From Versions in 2003 Updates 

December 3, 2003       Version 4.8.6A    Minor Revisions / Bug Fixes

1.  Tools, Miscellaneous, Clean bad rolodex entries.
2.  Reports, Markup Report, UDF filter.

Minor Bug Fixes
1.  Extra Dropdowns for the File Tracker in Configure System Defaults.
2.  File Tracker Minor Bug updating last user when saving from the client card.
3.  Top Sheet - Parts of body now displays more than one line on the top sheet.
4.  Minor form change - 10032, petition for commutation of future payments.
5.  Minor bug fixes for the A1Comm server.

November 19, 2003       Version 4.8.5B    Minor Revisions / Bug Fixes

1.  Envelopes may be printed directly from the rolodex.  Click Other Features (Alt-M), Envelope.
2.  Envelope font and point size may now be set through Configure System Defaults, General, Client Card, Envelope Font name & Point size
3.  Date Entered at the client card may now be disabled so one cannot edit this through Tools, Configure System Defaults, General, YourFileNo, Disable Date Entered.

Minor Bugfixes including the Reindex Utility when using the A1Comm server.

October 30, 2003       Version 4.8.4A    Minor Revisions / Bug Fixes

1.  Party Detail Definitions - Allows one to change information displayed in Party Details.
     Configure System Defaults, General, Client Card, Party Details button
2.  Calendar Slip Improvements - includes initials and full name
3.  Case Injury Reports now print Your File No.
4.  Configure System Defaults, Reports, Mark Up, UDF Page and Field No for the mark up detailed report #7.

Bug Fixes
1.  Printing form letters to pdf files by right clicking the Save button to "print and save" was changing the default directory and causing an error
2.  My Preferences, Form Letters, Zoom Factor was not properly refreshing.

October 19, 2003       Version 4.8.3C    Minor Revisions / Bug Fixes

1.  Click Here For Details

October 3, 2003       Version 4.8.2F    Major Update - Includes Report Writer, User Defined Searches

1.  Click Here For Details

September 3, 2003       Version 4.8.1c

1.  External Calendar Module - allows one to transfer external calendars to separate calendar categories.  Allows one to import specific categories from external calendars.

September 2, 2003       Version 4.8.1b

1.  External Calendar Module - allows you to combine and print calendars from multiple offices using A1-Law.
     More documentation to follow later.

August 30, 2003       Version 4.8.0c

1.  Minor bug fixes to the Emergency Broadcast feature.

August 28, 2003       Version 4.8.0a    Major Update - Includes Broadcasting

This version will re-register all the controls

1.    Click here to see the 9 minor additions in this version.

2.    Click here to see the major broadcasting addition.

August 3, 2003       Version 4.7.7a

1.    Click here to see 21 new additions in this version.

July 13,, 2003       Version 4.7.6d

1.  New mark up report (includes date open field)
2.  Staff defaults now has a place for a private phone and fax in User Information (2).  The command = staff will now pull the phone, fax as well as the barno, title and specialty
     Example:  <<command = staff,attyh,phone>>

June 14, 2003       Version 4.7.6c

1.  Search For A Case Optimization - last name, case no all more than, case no all less than, follow ups, date entered, date open
2.  Prospects - Search for a case enhancement, right click for old search
3.  Add restrictions to rolodex use the  +  instead of the dash in configure system defaults, rolodex security,  Security for Categories
4.  Form Letters - Converts numbers to spelled out words (ie: as in a check)
     NumToWord(412.33) would print Four Hundred Twelve and 33/100 Dollars
5.  Email - Now shows your file no  (you must check configure system defaults, general, yourfileno, Show YourFileNo (whenever possible)
6.  RU-102 minor changes
7.  command = staff new parameters for the Specialty, Title and BarNo
8.  Document Tracker - right click the Refresh button to toggle automatic refreshing.

June 1, 2003       Version 4.7.5c

1.  Corel Form Letters Starter Set - 10601 - 10613 (includes a sample pleading in Corel).  (Notice:  Word Perfect Users - it is a good idea to go to Configure System Defaults, Form Letters, WP Fast Mode (Style 3) and select the Fast Mode #2 in the dropdown).
2.  A1-Law Form Letters Starter Set - 10650 - 10666 (includes a sample pleading in A1-Law).
3.  Minor Bug - some configurations did not check tasks and users could close a case when there were no tasks for that case.
4.  Bar number for the staff information

May 19, 2003       Version 4.7.4a

1.  Corel 8/9/10 - Fast Mode #2 where A1-Law builds data file automatically.  Configure System Defaults, Form Letters, WP Fast Mode #2.  No need for the DataFile command.  The Corel data file is built automatically from the FieldName parameters in the A1-Law form letter.
2. New Court Forms.  (a) Legal Photocopy Service, (b) Professional Services.
3.  Bugfix - GetParty,ask12 now displays name below the firm name
4.  [attn3] in the GetParty uses Attention:, use [attn2] to force it all the time regardless of whether there is a firm
5.  Court form control updates.

May 8, 2003       Version 4.7.3b

1. SwitchInFile form letter command compares the contents of a memory variable what is on the left of the tilda in file and displays what is on the right.
    For example, <<command = SwitchInFile states.txt 50>>
    States.txt is provided with this version and is contained in the A1Law\Extras folder.  All text files must be placed in that folder.

    States.txt (or any other file which has a one to one mapping of information to be switched) might contain something like:

    VI~Virgin Islands

2. Bug fix laptop conflicts
3. Bug fix - form letter sort by number/title default
4. Bug fix - Form Control

April 28, 2003       Version 4.7.2b

1.  Civil forms category at the new A1 Court Form Tab at Form Letters menu
2.  Claim form bug fix.
3.  Print all Email updates/bug fix.
4.  Right click on Forms at client card goes directly to the A1 Court Form tab

April 27, 2003       Version 4.7.2a

1.  This version will automatically re-register all the controls on each workstation.  Click here for details.

April 22, 2003       Version 4.7.1b

1.  New and Revised Forms RU90, RU94, RU102, RU103, RB105, RU-105, RU120, RU121, DEU 100, DEU 101, DEU 102, DEU 103, DEU 105,
DEU-200, DEU 201, PR2, PR3, WC11, DWC280
2.  Corel 10 bug fixes.

April 14, 2003       Version 4.7.0a

1.  New Rehab Forms - RU 102, RU 103, RU 122  (many more to come in future versions)
2.  Found Cases Window now has another summarized report.
3.  Print all Email by clicking the printer icon at the main Email window.
4.  Configure System Defaults, General, Email, Allow sender to permanently delete SENT Email
5.  Configure Staff Defaults, Security, Allow user to permanently delete Email at the status window.
6.  Configure Staff Defaults, Security, General2, Disable the printer icon at the found cases window

April 9, 2003       Version 4.6.9a

1. Bug Fix - Corel 10.Style 3 format merging data files.
2. (minor) Bug Fix - Automatic Email notification to changes in the rolodex.
3. Browse - modal mode for replacing fields in the selected table.

March 31, 2003       Version 4.6.8c

1. Configure System Defaults, Staff User Blocking allows one to block access to all windows for Saving or Printing information.
2. Markup Report with User Defined Fields now allows one to run a program to modify the query for advanced reporting.
3. Extended Notes now uses the default zoom size settings in Tools, MyPreferences, Client Card, Form Letters, Zoom Factor
4. C & R now allows for more room for the DOI.

March 23, 2003       Version 4.6.7a

1.  GetList command now contains a DELIMITERS={}  parameter to specify a starting and ending delimiter. This may be useful for Corel integration.
2.  Fix Party Sheet Type Dropdown bug from Configure System Defaults, Popups, Rolodex, Party Sheet Type Dropdown
3.  Case Activity Reports - top margin moved down to approx 1 inch for hole punching
4.  Export Feature for modal screens - Ctrl-0 now allows for exporting of data on modal screens.  The Export window also now allows one to open tables that are closed.
5.  Configure System Defaults, Browse now allows for several browse windows open at once.  Also, one may open the Rolodex Log table.  One may also open any table with the User Defined selection in either Browse or Export.
6.  Forceoff works better and in more situations.
7.  Minor Email icon changes.

March 17, 2003       Version 4.6.6d

This version has many new features.  You may also notice that A1-Law pulls the client cards faster than in previous versions and there is less network traffic.

1. Compatibility with Word Perfect 10.  Use the command WordPerfectVersion = 8 (or the version number) to override if several versions are installed on a workstation.
2. User Defined Screen - View1/View2 mode.  One may click on data in the View1 mode to view another screen containing all the data.
3. Configure System Defaults, UserDefined Screens, Reformat  (so that udf's use memo fields)
4. Configure System Defaults, General, Client Card, Pack Every  (specifies how often one must pull a client card before packing the tables in a case folder.  The default is 10.  Set to -1 to disable).
5. Deposition Attorney Fee Form Revisions
6. Configure System Defaults, Rolodex Security enhancements.
7. File, Switch Login Names allows one to logoff without closing A1-Law.
8. Configure Staff Defaults, Form Letters, Allow Adding to A1 Dictionary.  Uncheck this if you don't want staff members adding to the A1-Law spell check dictionary.
9. Configure System Defaults, Tasks, Force Tasks To not null when adding.  Check this to force users to fill in who a task is assigned to when adding a task.
10. Configure System Defaults, Tasks, Action When Closing Client Cards.  Determines what A1-Law should do if one closes a client card that has no tasks assigned to it depending on the type of case.  One may decide to display an alert message or one may not allow a user to close the card (depending on the status of the case) until a task has been assigned.  Use the task report to view all cases with a specific type, status and/or attorney that don't have tasks assigned to them.
11. Configure System Defaults, Popups, Rolodex, Party Sheet Type Dropdown.  Allows one to determine whether the Party Type at the client card is a combo or dropdown regardless of the setting for the type in the roldex.

February 21, 2003       Version 4.6.5A

1. DisplayNone parameter for the GetCaseAct form letter command.

February 19, 2003       Version 4.6.4A

1. Top Sheet now contains the occupation.
2. DOR contains more room for the doctor's reports
3. Form 10096 minor modifications
4. Extended Application now reflects applicant or defense attorney captions as well as <C>o-Defendant and/or <O>ther
5. Bug fix when adding cases where a name is in the rolodex but not attached to any cases did not allow one to attach that rolodex card to the new case.
6. Configure System Defaults, Rolodex Security, Warn When Changing Rolodex Entries.  Enhanced security when clicking Name from the Parties sheet or when editing a name in the rolodex.

February 10, 2003       Version 4.6.3A

1. New Form - 10096 - Expedited Hearing Issues
2. New Form - 10097 - Request for Walk Through
3. New Form - 10098 - Request for Walk Through DOR Only
4. New Form - 10099 - Petition to Reopen
5. Calendar Slips Form #2

February 2, 2003       Version 4.6.2A

1. Configure system defaults - Rolodex Security - Primary Party Security
2. Configure System Defaults - Rolodex Security - Security For Categories
3. Calendar Slip Reports
4. File, Export feature accessible from many windows
5. Photos - now up to 100 at the client card - Also includes both notes or thumbnail views

February 2, 2003       Version 4.5.1A

1. This update will be shipped out on CD - you may click Help, Check for Web Updates in Version 4.5.
2. Contains the DOR with the 10 or 6 day rule (10416) both with and without a service page WC9B.x and WC9C.x
3. RU 103 minor bug fix - now inserts the date of injury (not the date of birth in the DOI field)

January 15, 2003       Version 4.5.0A

1. Help, Check for Web Updates now checks and downloads updates directly in A1-Law.  A1-Law quickly checks to see if you have the latest update.  You may still download from my website or by using an ftp however downloading directly from A1-Law is more convenient.
2. Configure System Defaults, Security, Password for Web Updates
3. Reports - File Tracker Report - Lists all files at a specific location or off the shelf.
4. Calendar - dropdown for Atty Assigned (this was a highly requested feature).
5. BugFix - File Tracker from client card - clicking an item in the history list.
6. Request For Dismissal - The title was wrong in Form 10092 - this has been corrected.
7. Configure System Defaults, Firm Address, County for the office. Use a command = code GetSysVar(63) for pulling the county name in form letters.
8. Client Card - Alt-A adds a party instead of Alt-L and Alt-O now views the caption sheet of the client card and not Alt-A.

January 2, 2003       Version 4.4.0B

1. New DOR and Expedited Hearing Forms (Click Here for Details).
2. Email / New Mail - Sort (bugfix).

Features from updates in the year 2002

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