Version 5.5.8C Now Available

5.5.0B will re-register all the controls

Click Help, About to see what version you currently have.  If your version is Version 4.0.3 or more recent, you may download the latest update/patches right here on the web.  No one needs to exit A1-Law when you perform this update.  They may exit A1-Law anytime and run it again and it will automatically be installed on their workstation.

New Download Instructions as of 8/14/2002
As of Version 4.5, from within A1-Law, just click Help, Check For Web Updates if you have internet access.  Of course, you may also download the update right here on our website.

Download A1web.exe anywhere on your computer and run the program.  You only need to download and run A1web.exe on one workstation.  Enter the username and password and click Proceed.  That's it.  When each workstation now runs A1-Law they should have the new version.  Click Help, About to verify that you now have the latest update.

Coming Soon:  Immigration Forms

December 26, 2005       Version 5.5.8C        Minor Bug Fixes

1. Case Activity - Right click the Show All toggles showing all billing
2. Calendar Special Report 3d

BugFixes: Tasks and clicking the printer icon on the toolbar

November 22, 2005       Version 5.5.7F        Family Law Forms

1. Family Law Forms
2. More Palm Pilot options for the event line
3. Tasks may now be printed with a page break between each case/task.
4. Case Activity - Right Click now allows one to attach the document filename to the clipboard

Bugfixes: Injury,Skip command

November 1, 2005       Version 5.5.6M        Major Updates

1. New Forms:

10033 - WC C & R Revised (Form 15, Rev 10/2005)
10074 - WC Stipulations with request for Award (Form 3, Rev 10/2005)
10505 - WC Stipulation and Order and Award (Form 5, Rev 10/2005)

10342 - Civil Application for Waiver of Court Fees and Costs (982(a)(17))
10343 - Civil Order on Application for Waiver of Court Fees and Costs (982(a)(18))

10412 - WC Micro Quick Records Request Form
10413 - WC Expedite Copy Service
10513 - WC Coverage Research Service Request (Form 807)
10514 - WC Notice to Impose Sanctions - Failure to Comply with Board Rules
10515 - WC Order Approving C & R (DIA-65B) - Thomas v. Sport Chalet, Inc., 42 CCC 625
10516 - WC Order Approving C & R (DIA-65E) - Rodgers v. WCAB. 50 CCC 299

10511, 10512 - WC Cover Sheet updates
10034 - C & R Dependency
10303 - Notice & Acknowledgment
10131 - San Diego Subpoena - new judge
10132 - San Diego SDT - new judge

2. Billing Module - New

3. Password Protection of individual client cards in the Miscellaneous. Client Cards accessed by entering either the password or master password. Set rights in Group defaults, Security.

4. Case Activity Security now allows adding & editing only, or editing within 24 hours.

5. Found Cases, Reports, Date Entered Detail now displays P & S dates.

1. Outlook integration - dropdown fixes
2. Application - parts of body - filters out unwanted line feeds at the end of the line.

September 22, 2005       Version 5.5.5R        Minor bug fixes

1.    Pink Error Screen - Quit A1Law button.  Automatic logging of errors.

September 20, 2005       Version 5.5.5b        Minor update / bug fixes

1.    New / Revised Forms:
      10311 - Civil - New - California Traffic Accident Report SR1, 5/2005
      10014 - Republic document order form - Revised
      10407 - Platinum copy service form updates - Revised
      10507 - Ventura - Declaration for Court Assignment - Family Law Form VN027
      10508 - Ventura - Consent for Court Assignment - Family Law - Form VN027
      10509 - Case Information Sheet - Form VN010
      10510 - Notice to Plaintiffs - Form VN010
      10511 - OCF WC Cover Sheet (Style #1)
      10338 - Civil - Blank Attachment
      10316 - Civil case cover sheet now includes the instructions, page 2
      10411 - RedStar Legal Copy Service
      10339 - OCF Civil Notice of Settlement  (CM-200)
      10340 - OCF Civil Fresno - Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) (FSC 8000)
      10341 - OCF Civil Fresno - Deposit/Payment to Fresno Superior Court  (TGN-62)
      10303 - OCF Civil - Notice and Ack. Of Receipt  (updated form 1/1/2005)

2. Bug Fixes / Changes
    1.  When in Configure Group Defaults - it may change the setting for that session only for the user signed on.
    2.  Hitting the Escape key after printing a form letter in A1Law generated a pink error screen
    3. Form letters - user can minimize the window
    4. Spell check error (sometimes)
    5. <  in a courtform causes a Load Failed

September 6, 2005       Version 5.5.4b        Minor update / bug fixes

1.    New / Revised Forms:
        10311 - Civil - New - California Traffic Accident Report SR1, 5/2005
        10333 - Civil - New - MS-351 - Order Approving Compromise Claim
        10337 - Civil - New - MC-050 -  Substitution of Attorney - Without Court Order
        10306 - Civil - Revised - MC-356 - Receipt for deposit Blocked Account
        10332 - Civil - Revised - MS-350 - Petition to Approve Compromise of Claim
        10405 - WC - Revised - Empire copy form

2.    Injury - POB accommodates more characters

Bugfixes: 1. Type dropdowns, status dropdowns cut off after 250 characters. 2. Calcomp form phone number fix. 3. My Preferences reindex checkbox was not saving the setting. 4. Adjuster anomalies in Injury field  5.  My Preferences, Form Letters, Sort By.  6. Person notepad.  7.  Calendar icon pull case   8.  Font name, font size defaults (my preferences, group defaults, system defaults).

August 31, 2005       Version 5.5.3B        Configure Group Defaults / Minor Bug Fixes

1.    Group Default Policies / Security Settings
        My Preferences, Configure Staff Defaults completely rewritten

2.    Updated Forms - Social Sec #10457

3.    Bug Fixes:  A.  calendar - open case button from within a case with no appointments. B. Court Forms - only pulled adjuster's last name. C. SS Form 10454, minor improvements.  D. Forms - minor fixes.

August 1, 2005       Version 5.5.2B        Palm Pilot / Minor Bug Fixes

1.    Forms - New Forms and Fixes:
        Gemini Duplication - Form 10410
        Subpoena form fixes
        Fee disclosure fixes.
        Reverted Form 10221
        SS form 10461 updated.
        Scan Doc - form letter defaults are automatically extracted.
2. Client card inijury tab, View1 mode now displays adjuster's full name
3. Minor Outlook Email form updates.

June 19, 2005       Version 5.5.1A        Palm Pilot / Minor Bug Fixes

1.  Minor Palm Pilot two way bug fixes.

2.  Palm Pilot configuration allows for the event and the name in the description in the palm.

3.  Allows for a faster download when doing an update from the web.

June 13, 2005       Version 5.5.0b        Palm Pilot Update, New Forms / Bug Fixes

NOTICE:  This version re-register all the controls.

1. Palm Pilot Release - This release allows staff to sync with the palm pilot one way or two ways or neither depending on access rights you grant to any given staff member.  At this time, instructions will be provided via Email on request.

2. New Forms - Social Security 
    10466 - SSA Request for Waiver of Overpayment Recovery (Form 632-BK)
    10467 - SSA Claimant's Medications  (Form HA-4632)
    10468 - SSA Claimant's Recent Medical Treatment (Form HA-4631)
    10469 - SSA Claimant's Work Background (Form HA-4633)

3. Reindex command removed from A1Law.  Click start, programs, a1law, reindex to reindex.

4. This version re-registers all of the controls

June 5, 2005       Version 5.2.8c        New Forms / Bug Fixes

1.    New Forms Social Security Forms
        10463 - SSA Direct Deposit (Form 1199A)
        10464 - SSA 1560-U4  Petition to obtain approval of Fee
        10465 - SSA 789-U4 Request for Reconsideration - Disability Cessation
        Revision Civil Form 10320 - Case Management Statement
        Revision WCAB Form 10109, 10120 - New Judge LA SDT and Subpoena
2. Minor fixes - rolodex wizard
3. Minor fixes - command = insurance
4.  Minor fixes - Integration with Outlook / Email form.

May 10, 2005       Version 5.2.7f        New Forms / Bug Fixes

1.  New Form - 10462 - Social Security - Medical and Vocational Statement
2.  Adjusters on application now have room for salutation, first and last name.
3.  Top sheet now allows one to display all the Emails
4.  Revised - Form 10454, Social Security - Disability Report Appeal 3441-BK
5.  EUDFs - Extended User Defined Fields - Case Activity
6.  Minor staff table bug fixes

April 25, 2005       Version 5.2.6a        New Forms / Bug Fixes

1. Outlook Two Way Integration Completed - Click Here For Details
2. Found Cases Window / Rolodex - Export Email addresses to the clipboard
3. New Forms / Form Fixes:
        SDT - Form Fixes
        Revised - 10041 - Expedited Hearing, checkbox for Claim Accepted
        Revised - 10221, Form 106 - Request for QME, Rev 2005
        Revised - Objection to treating physician's recommendation for spinal surgery
        New Form - 10506 - Request to view a WCAB file
4. Adobe Acrobat integration now defaults to the installed version.  No longer uses the built in controls.

March 24, 2005       Version 5.2.5a        New Forms / Bug Fixes

1. New Forms:
    10335 OCF Civil Request for Dismissal (982(a)(5))
    10336 OCF Civil Notice of Entry of Dismissal and Proof of Service (982(a)(5.1)) 
    10460 OCF SSA Receipt for Claim for Benefits (SSA-16-F6)
    10461 OCF SSA Disability Report SSA-3368-BK
2. Minor fixes to the injury form letter command.
3. Configure Staff Defaults now has room for a middle initial or name
    Also the staff command now has the following additional parameters:
    First, Middle, Last, Fullname
4. Bugfix - forceoff now works with or without the A1Comm server.

March 10, 2005       Version 5.2.4a        New Forms / Bug Fixes

1. New Forms:
    10220 - Objection to Treating Physicians Recommendation for Spinal Surgery. (Form 233)
    10409 - US Imaging Form
    10505 - Stipulation and Order and Award
    10221 - Request for Qualified Medical Evaluator, DWC Form 106
    10222  PR4 - PTP P & S Report
    10223  DEU 110 - Notice of Options Following PD Rating
    10313 - CIVIL - Plaintiffs Claim and ORDER to Go to Small Claims Court(form SC-100)
    10314 - CIVIL - OCF Abstract of Judgment (Form EJ-001)
    10133 - SDT Fresno
    10134 - Subpoena Fresno
    Compex changes, Republic Doc changes
2. Keyboard macros may now be printed
3. Outlook integration enhancements

February 17, 2005       Version 5.2.3a        Updates / Minor Bug Fixes

1. New Forms:
        OCF SSA Request for Social Security Information  (SSA-7050-F4)
        Copy Service Order Form - General Order Form - 10408 - Scandoc and
        Empire now use this form.  At the Edit Letters tab, right click the printer
        icon and click Extract a form letter to use this form for these services.
2. Adobe Acrobat - tools, my preferences, client card, miscellaneous, never use the internal acrobat control forces A1-Law to use the reader.
3. New Reindex module
4. Minor copy form fixes at the A1 Court Forms menu
5. Time clock and tracker fixes for space management

February 3, 2005       Version 5.2.2a        Updates / Minor Bug Fixes

1. Undocumented Feature (contact tech support for details).

Minor Bug Fixes
1. Tools, My Preferences, Client Card, Miscellaneous, Recently Used Client Card List now defaults to the last ten client cards pulled in the history.
2.  Messaging speed improvements.
3.  Speed improvements at startup.
4.  Controls now register in c:\lawlocal\controls by default unless changed in configure system defaults, drives

January 24, 2005       Version 5.2.1a        Minor Bug Fixes

1. Form 10457 minor bug fix.
2. Reindex minor bug fixes
3. Automatic backup utility was giving an error with files marked as read only
4. Staff table now allows for the Vacation field to be of unlimited length.

January 7, 2005       Version 5.2.0c        Updates / Bug Fixes

1. Tools, Miscellaneous, My Preferences, Client Card, Miscellaneous, Recently Used Client Card List - allows you to adjust how many recently used client cards A1-Law will display in the Case-Cal dropdown.
2. Minor Bug Fixes

January 3, 2005       Version 5.1.9a        Updates / Bug Fixes

1. Next Follow Up Calendar Event on the client card is now definable.
    Example:  Configure system defaults, general, client card, page 2,
    Next Follow up Calendar event on client card expression: cal1.calendar = 2
    Or one might enter:  upper(cal1.calstat) = "OPEN"
2. Ability to globally remove all the rolodex cards that are not attached to any cases.  Rolodex wizard, Selective Consolidation of Cards, Select Individual Cards to Consolidate, Filters.  Check the Only Show Unattached Cards.  Click Proceed.  Click the Select All button.  Click Consolidate:  Name and Address.  Check the Delete Selected Cards checkbox.  Click the Select button.  Click the Proceed button.  Also includes rolodex wizard bug fixes.
3. Calendar Macro - no need to enter the event ID when executing a calendar macro.  
4. Bug fix Task completed reports

December 15, 2004       Version 5.1.8c        Updates / Bug Fixes

1.    Email integration with Microsoft Outlook Integration
Click here for details - Now includes details on configuring your Outlook Custom Views
2.  Configure System Defaults, Tasks, Days to keep completed tasks now allows up to 999 days.
3.  Rolodex now allows for a middle initial or name.  Configure System Defaults, Rolodex Security, Update rolodex table.
4.  Location ID no longer asks a new user for a location name if it is set to the system login name in configure system default, security, Always use login ID's
5.  Platinum Copy Service form.

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