Version 6.0.6A Now Available

5.5.0B will re-register all the controls

Click Help, About to see what version you currently have.  If your version is Version 4.0.3 or more recent, you may download the latest update/patches right here on the web.  No one needs to exit A1-Law when you perform this update.  They may exit A1-Law anytime and run it again and it will automatically be installed on their workstation.

New Download Instructions as of 8/14/2002
As of Version 4.5, from within A1-Law, just click Help, Check For Web Updates if you have internet access.  Of course, you may also download the update right here on our website.

Download A1web2.exe anywhere on your computer and run the program.  You only need to download and run A1web.exe on one workstation.  Enter the username and password and click Proceed.  That's it.  When each workstation now runs A1-Law they should have the new version.  Click Help, About to verify that you now have the latest update.

Coming Soon:  Immigration Forms

December 25, 2006       Version 6.0.6A        New Features / Outlook Email Integration
1.  Microsoft Outlook Full Drag/Drop Integration with Case Activity.  Also, Windows Explorer and the entire operating system is now integrated with Case Activity.  One may Drag and Drop a file or Email from the Inbox onto the Event in Case Activity.  When attaching Emails, instead of Drag and Drop, one may click the Attach Outlook Email button from the OLE tab to attach the highlighted Email from Outlook into A1Law.  One may click the View Documents button to view the Outlook Email form.  Therefore, it is not necessary to copy the Subject or the Data to the case activity event.  One may decide to copy the subject if they do not want to type a note describing the Outlook Email.  One may also decide to attach Emails in a different case activity category.
2.  Envelopes - default to prefix or suffix at Configure System Defaults, General, Client Card, Prefix Has Priority checkbox
3.  Calendar Slip #3 letter and legal size reports.

November 29, 2006       Version 6.0.5A        New Features / Minor Bug Fixes
1. Compatibility with Microsoft Word Protected documents. The protected documents cannot have a password.
Use one of the following commands anywhere in your form letter:

The ResetFields option will most likely never be used. It assures that all the fill in fields are blank. This would mean that other standard A1Law FieldName commands could not fill in the fields with defaults. Therefore, the ResetFields option will most likley not be used.  In order to allow a FieldName command to work in the fields, first unprotect the document and then insert the <<<FieldName>>> in the protected field. Finally, protect and save the document.

2.  Form Letters - global search and replace word(s) in one or a range of form letters by right clicking the printer icon at the Edit menu.  One should strongly consider doing a Tools, System, Security, Backup Now to do a quick backup before utilizing this feature.

Minor bug fixes
1. Login now retains defaults
2. Login Terminal Server potential minor problems resolved.

November 1, 2006       Version 6.0.3E        New Features / Minor Bug Fixes

1.  Login - New routines for Autolog

2.  New Forms / Revisions
     Request for Consultative Rating
     10418 - Macro-Pro
     10528 - Request for QME, Form 105-4062.1

3.  Prospect multi-sorting.  New report.

Many minor bug fixes / improvements.

September 22, 2006       Version 6.0.2F        New Features / Minor Bug Fixes

1.  Login - New routines to support multiple locations.
2. New Word template and sample form letters: 10625-10627
3. App/Def Atty forms 10001 & 10004
4.  10626 Updated Santa Monica Subpoena and SDT forms
5.   Caption,Automatic now allows for DOIAll and ClaimNoAll parameters
example:  <<command = caption,Automatic DOIAll ClaimNoAll>>
6. New Calendar Edit format Style #2
7. Form 10516 Updated C & R Rodgers
8. External Calendars no longer require cdx files to be imported and do not require the case file unless one needs the "yourfileno" field.

Minor Bug fixes

August 10, 2006       Version 6.0.1F        New Features / Minor Bug Fixes

1. New Calendar Special Report 4 - Landscape
2. New Calendar Week at a Glance legal size landscape
3. Configure System Defaults, General, Client Card, Page 2, Client Card Status Line
        Allows other status besides Closed to be displayed at the bottom of the client card

New Reindex Utility

Bugfix - Allows pulling of deleted cases
MLOrderForm now pulls the carrier name
spell check and case activity style 3
Tasks bug now fixed
Case activity print bug now fixed

July 19, 2006       Version 6.0.0A        New Features / Minor Bug Fixes

1. New Forms:
        Revised - 10415 Medi-Records
        Revised - 10056 Minutes of Hearing
        New - 10526 IMC111 Medical Eval Findings Summary Form
        New - 10527 Minutes of Hearing Oakland

July 16, 2006       Version 5.7.2F        New Features / Minor Bug Fixes

1. Calendar - Print Week at a Glance Landscape Mode
2. Special instructions modifications
3. New / Revised Forms:
        New:  10417  DefensePro Order Form
        Revised:  10455  SSA  Appointment of Rep  Form SSA-1696-U4 (1-2005)
        Revised:  10316  Civil  Case Cover Sheet  CM-010 (Rev. January 1, 2006)
4. Rolodex - View 1 mode, clicking the Email will paste it to the clipboard.
5. Forms - Applicant - Defense Forms compliance
6. Transfer Utility

June 1, 2006       Version 5.7.1A        New Features / Minor Bug Fixes

1. Sub-Searches.  Found Cases, Search Again.  Useful for advanced searching and for sorting.
2.  Calendar - Print Week at a Glance.  Currently only prints the first week specified at the Custom tab.
3. Case Activity - Configure Defaults.  One may now order the categories.
4. New Civil Forms:
    10344  Memorandum of Costs MC-010
    10345  Request to Pay Judgment Installments (SC-106)
    10346  Judgment Debtor's Statement of Assets (SC-133)
    10347  App & order produce statement of assets & appear for exam (SC-134)
    10348  Request to Pay Judgment to Court  (SC-145)

May 24, 2006       Version 5.7.0B        Prospects / Minor Bug Fixes

1. Prospect form letters - minor bug fixes.

May 19, 2006       Version 5.7.0A        New Features - Bug Fixes

1. Form Letters - Drag and Drop to the cursor position from the rolodex now supported.
2. Prospects - Form Letter Support
3. Client folder now supports multiple paths.
4. Form Minor Changes
    Answer Form Changes WC10.x
    RU 122
5. Check for web updates, override defaults allowed.

April 27, 2006       Version 5.6.9A        New Features - Bug Fixes

1.  Scan Tracker / Document Batch Processing
2.  Top Sheet now allows for an optional date range

April 14, 2006       Version 5.6.8d        New Features - Bug Fixes

1. Prospects - Attach documents
2. GetParty minor changes
3. Top Sheet - minor changes, saves default preferences, prints rolodex UDF
4. CopyStar form

March 31, 2006       Version 5.6.7A        New Features - Bug Fixes

1.    GetParty now has an UPPER to capitalize everything, lower and proper.  It also has an UPPERNAME to capitalize the name or UPPERFIRM to capitalize the firmname.  Surround the parameters with brackets (ie: [upperfirm]  )
2.    Group Defaults, Security, Disable write mail
3.    Special Instructions - group defaults, security, general2
       Rolodex Special Instructions
4.    Rolodex relational query - faster /bug fixes.

March 26, 2006       Version 5.6.6q        New Features - Microsoft Word Integration Speed Improvements

1. New MedLegal Order Form
2. Microsoft Word Integration codes: HeaderCodesOff2, HeaderCodesOff3, etc.  (2 = Merge stories 1 and 2 which includes Headers, 3 = merges stories 1-3 which  includes headers and footers.  Default is 3)
3. Microsoft Word includes a ScanAllCodesto include all stories
4. Search - Shortcut bug when searching by last name fixed.
5. Calcomp form updates
6. Special Instructions for the defense firms
7. My Preferences, Tasks, Do not show the grid lines
8 New Forms:
    Revised - 10313 - SC-100 Small Claims Order
    New - 10470 - SSA-3288 Consent for Release of Information
    New - 10415 - Medi-Records Reproductions
    New - 10523 - Affidavit of Defendant Re: Resolution of Liens
    New - 10524 - Verification / POS
    New - 10525 - WC Cover Sheet (Legal Size / Style #3)
9. Envelopes - override to nonstandard bins and papersizes.

March 9, 2006       Version 5.6.6f        New Features - Microsoft Word Integration Speed Improvements

1. Prospects - integration with letters
2. Special Instructions for the defense firms
3. Calcomp form updates
4. Microsoft Word Integration codes: HeaderCodesOff2, HeaderCodesOff3, etc. (2 = Merge stories 1 and 2 which includes Headers, 3 = merges stories 1-3 which includes headers and footers. Default is 3)
5. Microsoft Word includes a ScanAllCodes to include all stories
6. Search - Shortcut bug when searching by last name fixed.
7. New MedLegal Order Form

February 27, 2006       Version 5.6.5c        New Features - Microsoft Word Integration Speed Improvements

1.    This update speeds up integration with A1Law and Word documents.  Version 5.6.3 allowed codes to integrate into headers and footers.  This compromised the speed and integration of the Word document.  This version drastically improves on the speed at which A1Law codes are merged into the Microsoft Word document.

2.    HeaderCodesOff    A1Law will not merge codes into the headers or footers when this is inserted into the A1Law document.  The only advantage of using this command is that it will further enhance the speed at which the A1Law codes are merged into the Word document.  One may also use the command HeaderCodes2 for it to merge only headers or HeaderCodes3 to merge into the headers and footers.  HeaderCodes3 is the default.  Additional numbers may be used for merging into other sections of the document such as HeaderCodes9 to merge into 9 sections, etc.  ScanAllCodes may be used to force Word to scan all the codes in the A1Law document but this command is not recommended since it will slow down the merging process.

3.    DebugOn    Debugging details are copied to the windows clipboard when this command is inserted into the A1Law document.. Normally this command should not be used.

4.    Minor bug fixes - tasks, case activity speed up when clicking the Save button.

February 20, 2006       Version 5.6.4A        New Features - Bug Fixes

1.    Top sheet prints all message lines.
2.    Prospects now allow for a Cell Phone. Transfer cell and email to client card.
3.    Prospects - Configure defaults - checkboxes mailing list defaults.
4.    Outlook - Minor configuration fixes for the c:\windows\A1Settings.ini file now allows for:
5.    Configure System Defaults, Security, Prompt to continue for internet updates.
6.    Envelope print - minor bug fix when printing firm only.
7.    Calendar Printing - minor fixes / printing.
8.    Login screen now allows you to Register Controls
9.    GetParty now has [upper] [lower] and [proper] parameters.

February 5, 2006       Version 5.6.3A        New Features - Microsoft Word Integration Update

1.    A1Law Codes will now merge into Microsoft Word headers and footers.  Corel Word Perfect users have long enjoyed the ability to merge A1Law codes in headers, footers and the Corel document.  This update now allows Microsoft Word users to merge A1Law codes in headers and footers using the recommended style #2.  The Fast Mode is now a default and need not be selected in Configure System Defaults.

A1Law integrates with Microsoft Word, Corel Word Perfect and/or its own word processor.  A1Law codes now merge in headers and footers with any of the three word processors.

January 31, 2006       Version 5.6.2A        New Features - Minor Bug Fixes

1.    New Forms
        Updated Coverage Research Form #10513
        Form 106 - request for QME - #10221 - New Address
2.    Errorlog now contains the workstation ID where the error occurred.
3.    Prospects now has a report to send Emails to the clipboard
4.    Group Defaults, Messages, Show New Update Message
5.    Group Defaults, Task Security, Action when closing client cards
6.    Configure System Defaults, General, Client Card, Page2, Show Cell phone

Also included are minor bug fixes.

January 18, 2006       Version 5.6.1A        New Features - Minor Bug Fixes

1.  Multiple Office Support
2. C & R Dependency - minor changes.

New Parameters for the Form letter Staff Command (Office is the new parameter)
  (c) Long, First, Middle, Last, FullName, HeShe, HimHer, HisHer, Specialty, BarNo, Title, Phone, Fax, Alias, Email, Office
  (d) Upper, Lower, Proper:

January 11, 2006       Version 5.6.0A        New Forms - Minor Bug Fixes

1.  New Forms:
(last version also) Pre and post 2005 C & R and Stip forms
10519 - OCF Request for Dispute Resolution Before Admin Director  (DWC-AD 10133.55)
10520, "OCF Application for Subsequent Injuries Fund Benefits
10521, "OCF Notice and Acknowledgment of Receipt - Form 982(a)(4)
10522, "OCF Complaint of Discrimination under FEHA  -  Form DFEH-300-03 (01/05)

2.  Configure system defaults, General, Client card, messages, Number of lines for message 1.

Bugfixes:  1. Editing client card messages allow one to press ENTER.
2. Calendar special report 3d.

January 9, 2006       Version 5.5.9C        Minor Bug Fixes

1.  Quick Note Bugfix.

January 5, 2006       Version 5.5.9A        Minor Bug Fixes

1.  Three messages for the client card in definable colors
     configure system defaults, General, Client card, messages
2.  Calendar Special Report 3d / modifications.
3.  Pre 2005 - C & R and Stip
4.  Prospects - Email address field
5.  Billing enhancements

Features from updates in the year 2005

Features from updates in the year 2004

Features from updates in the year 2003

Features from updates in the year 2002

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