Version 6.2.9E Now Available

5.5.0B will re-register all the controls

Click Help, About to see what version you currently have.
Click Help, Check For Web Updates if you have internet access to get the latest update.  You only need to do this on one workstation with internet access.
No one needs to exit A1-Law when you perform this update.
They may exit A1-Law anytime and run it again and it will automatically be installed on their workstation.

New Download Instructions as of 11/10/2007
Version 6.2.7F has new Adobe Acrobat controls.  They may be registered at your convenience on each workstation when you sign on the workstation with administrative rights.  Click Tools, Miscellaneous, Register Controls.

Coming Soon:  Immigration Forms  (approx release: January 25, 2008 - 80+ new forms)

December 6, 2007       Version 6.2.9E        Minor Update
1.  Case Activity Report now has a "contains" option for the event field.
2.  Attach Documents from case activity now retains the default folder while you are signed on A1-Law.
3.  Dual monitor support for court forms.  Click Tools, My Preferences, Client Card, Two Monitors - Allow for Court Forms
4.  Default library index/group popups for system defaults

Bug Fixes
1.  Rich Text Control should now correctly register in the lawlocal\controls folder
2.  Bug fix when trying to center the top most window when there is no top most window it gave a pink error screen.

November 25, 2007       Version 6.2.8B        Minor Update
1.  Outlook - Attach Files Feature from the Party sheet..  Clicking the plus button to the right of the Outlook icon makes it very easy to add multiple documents from a case into an Outlook Email.

2.  Client Card, Scanned tab after clicking the printer icon:  PDF documents may be sorted and printed ascending or descending.

3.  Client Card, Scanned tab after clicking the printer icon - Create a PDF file from several PDF and/or RTF documents from the case.

4.  Case Activity - Attach Documents feature now allows you to quickly and easily attach multiple documents of any document type from any folder to a case.

5.  (Version 6.2.8B) Transfer Utility includes a one way sync of the A1-Law Library folder from the network to the laptop computer.

November 10, 2007       Version 6.2.7F        Minor Update
1. New Forms
10536 WCAB Cover Sheet 2
10475 OCF SSA Statement of Claimant Or Other Person (Form SSA-795)
10476 OCF SSA Application for SSI (Form SSA-8000-BK)

2. Top Sheet - caption is now in a larger font

3. A1-Law Library Default sort to index

Minor bug fixes

October 12, 2007       Version 6.2.6E        Minor Update
1.  Report for A1-Law library

Minor bug fixes.

October 9, 2007       Version 6.2.5A        New Scanning/Adobe Acrobat Features
1.  Print Multiple PDF Documents Attached to Case Activity

Version 6.2.5A allows one to quickly and easily print multiple documents that were attached to the Case Activity.  The idea is to not have to pull each document separately for printing but pick and choose which documents you would like to print.  A1-Law then creates one document from the selected documents and loads that document in Adobe Acrobat.  A1-Law also allows you to include a page and/or document number on the new document as well as a firm watermark.  It will also allow you to create a Case Activity and/or General table of contents.

You may activate this feature by clicking the printer icon from the client card and selecting the Scanned tab.  You must re-register the controls on each and every workstation that will use this feature.  You do not need to register the controls to install this version but A1-Law will display a message advising you to register the controls on any workstation that tries to use this feature if the new controls have not been registered.

September 28, 2007       Version 6.2.4f        New Features
1.  Version 6.2.4d Speeds up client card retrieval and other screens.
2.  Version 6.2.4f Contains minor prospect dup checking configuration features.
3.  Version 6.2.4j Fixes a bug when adding calendar appointments..

September 21, 2007       Version 6.2.4b        New Features
1. A1-Law Library Features - improvements
2.  Monthly Status Call form 10535 update
3.  Tasks - now on the top sheet

Bug Fixes:
1.  Remember Window Settings: Size/Position now automatically resizes controls in the window as well as the the window itself.

August 23, 2007       Version 6.2.3A        New Features
1.  New Form 10535 - Monthly Status Call - This is a great status form for workers' compensation law.

2.  A1-Law Library  -  The A1-Law Library allows you to track files, websites and client cards for legal research.  It allows you to quickly search for pdf files such as rating manuals or any other file such as a Word file that you might create internally or one you might download from the web.  You may then search for entries in the library by entering a key word.  For example, you might enter the word RATING and you would see all entries in the library with the key word Rating which would include any files, websites or client cards.  If you settled certain cases in a special way using a special rule, you might decide to enter key words so that when working on a case in the future you could enter that key word in the library and all the client card(s), files and websites would be found.  You may enter as many key words as you like to track an entry in the library (where an entry can refer to a document, website or client card).  The administrator may control who has rights to add or modify the entries in the library via the Configure Group Defaults, Security setting.

The A1-Law Library may be access from the main menu or by clicking Tools, A1-Law Library.  More later.

August 23, 2007       Version 6.2.2E        New Features
1. Automatically sync the A1-Law calendar and/or rolodex to Microsoft Outlook when signing on A1-Law.  Click Tools, My Preferences and check the sync calendar and/or rolodex checkboxes.

2. New forms / Revisions
Objection to Treating Physician’s Recommendation Spinal Surgery

3. Quick Reminder feature now available from the Tools Menu.

August 21, 2007       Version 6.2.1A        New Features
1. Scan Tracker Copy Service Import Utility activation with a serial number

The Scan Tracker Copy Service Import Utility allows a copy service to scan your closed files or any files and/or documents offsite and come back to your office with a DVD or flash drive or via the internet automatically attach all the files to your cases.  The copy service must have authorization to utilize this feature.

2. Quick Reminder Form. This may be access from the main menu or by right clicking the Add button at the Task screen.

Bug Fixes:
a. Found cases cut off a few digits in the first case number unless one single clicked on it.
b. Amended Applications now allow you to automatically change the date on the app to today’s date
c. Form Letters now default to 12 point if there are no defaults in either Configure System, Group or my preferences
d. Reminders - minor bug fixes.
e. File Tracker Reports - location field is now longer on all the reports.

July 31, 2007       Version 6.2.0C        New Features
1. Transfer Utility disk management option.
2. Top Sheet bug fix.

July 23, 2007       Version 6.2.0A        New Features
1.  Microsoft Outlook Contacts Integration (Click here for details at the Articles Link)
2.  Microsoft Outlook Calendar Integration - faster access via the Main Menu
Advanced Filter Capability
3.  Calendar - Microsoft Outlook - TURN REMINDERS OFF BEFORE SYNCING - click Tools, Options and uncheck Default Reminder
4. New Forms
    10012 Med Legal Commutation Form
    10506 Request for Public Records
    10519 OCF Request for Dispute Resolution Before Admin Director (updated)
    10318 Civil Complaint (updated)
    10405 XACT
5. My Preferences, Tasks, Days To Show now allows a zero

Bug Fixes: Tasks Refresh now displays the highlighted entry

July 8, 2007       Version 6.1.8A        New Features
1.  Microsoft Outlook Calendar Integration (click here for details)
2.  Contains feature when searching the rolodex

June 18, 2007       Version 6.1.7C        New Features
1.  Transfer Utility - Error log now contains the caption for more detail.
2.  Configure System Defaults, General, Sync Time With Server
3.  Configure System Defaults, General, Client Card, Disable Timer
4.  Forms
    10316 -Case management sheet updated
    10037 Data entry sheet - updated
    10097 Updated - Assigned Request for Walk Through
5. Transfer Utility
    Now transfers A1-Law Studio components
    Now performs two way sync for case information for the following:
    (a) Follow up date (b) Case Type/Status (c) date closed, follow up date
    (d) quick note (e) Messages 1, 2 and 3

Bug Fixes: (a) Transfer Utility,  (b) Compatibility with Adobe Acrobat 8

May 13, 2007       Version 6.1.5A        New Features
1. Time Tracking minutes in the client card. Click to toggle on/off.
2. Transfer Utility - Error log now contains the caption for more detail.
3. PC speaker now works better for those without speakers.

New Forms
10224 OCF Request for Qualified Medical Evaluator, DWC Form 106 Represented Case
10128 SDT Blank form bug fixes

Bugfix - login utility now allows to disable the A1Comm server for offline access convenience.

May 6, 2007       Version 6.1.4A        New Features
1. Transfer Utility - Two way sync implementation for case activity, tasks and calendaring.
2. Forms window from the client card may now be resized and maximized.
3. Form 10221 - DWC 106, new address

April 27, 2007       Version 6.1.3g        New Features / Bug Fixes
1. Transfer Utility - Two way sync implementation for case activity and tasks
2. Form 10028 update. Arbitration Submittal Orders WC33

March 31, 2007       Version 6.1.2A        New Features / Bug Fixes
1. Form 10669 - A1-Law Form Letter, Notice of Change of Address (to all clients)

2. Attach document filename to clipboard is now also at the saved letters tab.

3. Top Sheet now prints the party notes.

Bug Fixes

March 11, 2007       Version 6.1.1B        New Features / Bug Fixes
(Reindex as soon as possible after installing this update to activate all of the new features)

1. Party Notes - The reason for this is: Certain parties (attorneys, lien reps, etc.) need to have a wider explanation of who they are on a case, and that information may need to merge to the Proof of Service when generated. 

Click the Type link at the Party Sheet to add notes for a specific party.  You may click the DETAILS dropdown at the Party sheet and set it to Party Notes to easily view notes as well as rolodex personal and firm comments for all the Parties.

2. Form Letters - You may now resize the forms window from the client card. Click Window, Remember Window Settings to save your window size and position settings.

3.  Form Letters - the type dropdown now allows for the "As A Template" option. In the form letter. This will allow one to automatically copy any file from the A1RTF folder and attach it to case activity and open that file when one prints that form letter. One may enter the following command:

TemplateFileName = F10.XLS

This would copy and attach F10.XLS from the A1RTF folder. Be advised that when using Excel files as templates, it may be extremely difficult to generate a report for several client cards.

4. Extended Notes - Now contains an automatic backup system (only for the extended notes)

5. Scan Tracker - Import from a Copy Service  (click for details) .

February 26, 2007       Version 6.1.0B        New Features / Bug Fixes
(Reindex as soon as possible after installing this update to activate all of the new features)

1.  Window, Remember Window Settings or right click on any window

2.  Prospects - tasks now attach to them (reindexing is required to activate this feature)

3.  New and Revised Forms:

10307 Civil Subpoena for appearance at trial or hearing (SUBP-001)
10308 Deposition Subpoena - Business Records 
10309 Deposition Subpoena - Personal Appearance
10315 Statement of Damages - PI or Wrongful Death (CIV-050, 1/2007)
10320 Case Management Statement (CM-110, 1/2007)
10327 Cross Complaint - Personal Injury, Property Damage, Wrongful Death (PLD-PI-002, 1/2007)
10328 Answer--Personal injury, Property Damage, Wrongful Death (PLD-PI-003, 1/2007)
10335 Request for Dismissal (CIV-110, 1/2007)
10339 Notice of Settlement (CM-200, 1/2007)
10356 Request for Trial De Novo (ADR-102, 1/2007)
10357 Cause of Action-Breach of Contract (PLD-C-001(1), 1/2007)
10358 Cause of Action-Common Counts (PLD-C-001(2), 1/2007)
10359 Civil Subpoena (Duces Tecum) (SUBP-002)
10360 Deposition Subpoena, Personal Appearance & Production of Docs (SUBP-020)

Workers' Compensation
10532 Notice of Intention To (Form 29)
10533 Order Approving C & R
10534 OCF Request for Consultative Rating, Los Angeles (WCAB-DEB-LA)

Social Security
10473 OCF SSA Form SSA-821-BK (3-2001) ef (12-2004) Formerly SSA-821-F4 & SSA-3945-BK 
10474 OCF SSA Work History Report (Form SSA-3369-BK)

Bug Fix:  Clicking File, Switch Login Name

February 4, 2007       Version 6.0.9C        New Features / Bug Fixes
1.  A1-Law Studio Add-On Modules Release 1.0

2.  Court Form Extended codes:
FieldName = --Extended--

3. Party Sheet - Type now allows Name to show at the left of the Party sheet instead of the firm name

4. Calendar may now be brought up several times from the same client card.

5. Prospects - clone option when adding a new prospect.

6. Emails now check for an @ in the Email before pasting to clipboard

7. Bug fixes - my preferences, case activity, show all

8. New / Revised Forms

Workers' Compensation
10419  RSP Photocopy Service
10420  AAA Copy Service
10529  OCF  Outline of Original Hearing
10530  OCF  QME Complaint Form
10531  OCF  Utilization Review complaint form 1 (Form DWC UR)

Social Security
10471  OCF SSA Workers' Compensation/Public Disability Benefit Questionnaire (Form SSA-546)
10472  OCF SSA Identifying Information for Possible Direct Payment of Authorized Fees (Form SSA-1695)

Civil Forms
10349 OCF DISC-001 1/1/2007 Form Interrogatories-General  
10350 OCF DISC-002 1/1/2007 Form Interrogatories-Employment Law  
10351 OCF DISC-003 1/1/2007 Form Interrogatories-Unlawful Detainer  
10352 OCF DISC-004 1/1/2007 Form Interrogatories - Limited Civil Cases (Economic Litigation)  
10353 OCF DISC-010* 1/1/2007 Case Questionnaire-For Limited Civil Cases (Under $25,000)  
10354 OCF DISC-015* 1/1/2007 Req for Stmt of Witnesses & Evidence-For Limited Civil Cases (Under $25,000)  
10355 OCF DISC-020 1/1/2007 Request for Admission

January 15, 2007       Version 6.0.8A        New Features / Bug Fixes
1. Photos at the client card now support Drag and Drop from windows. From the photos tab, click the Edit button and then drag and drop a photo from windows onto the blank photo.

Minor bug fixes.

January 1, 2007       Version 6.0.7A        New Features / Bug Fixes
1.  Re-Attach orphan files, feature in Tools, System
2. Login1.ini file in the lawlocal startup folder allows one to disable the Setup button and/or the Autolog if it contains the following:
   DisableSetup,  DisableAutolog
3.  Calendar slip minor changes.

Bug fixes - autolog checks for latest updates

December 25, 2006       Version 6.0.6A        New Features / Outlook Email Integration
1.  Microsoft Outlook Full Drag/Drop Integration with Case Activity.  Also, Windows Explorer and the entire operating system is now integrated with Case Activity.  One may Drag and Drop a file or Email from the Inbox onto the Event in Case Activity.  When attaching Emails, instead of Drag and Drop, one may click the Attach Outlook Email button from the OLE tab to attach the highlighted Email from Outlook into A1Law.  One may click the View Documents button to view the Outlook Email form.  Therefore, it is not necessary to copy the Subject or the Data to the case activity event.  One may decide to copy the subject if they do not want to type a note describing the Outlook Email.  One may also decide to attach Emails in a different case activity category.
2.  Envelopes - default to prefix or suffix at Configure System Defaults, General, Client Card, Prefix Has Priority checkbox
3.  Calendar Slip #3 letter and legal size reports.

Features from updates in the year 2006

Features from updates in the year 2005

Features from updates in the year 2004

Features from updates in the year 2003

Features from updates in the year 2002

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