Version 6.7.9g Now Available

6.4.4C will re-register all the controls

Click Help, About to see what version you currently have.
Click Help, Check For Web Updates if you have internet access to get the latest update.  You only need to do this on one workstation with internet access.
No one needs to exit A1-Law when you perform this update.
They may exit A1-Law anytime and run it again and it will automatically be installed on their workstation.

New Download Instructions as of 1/2/2008
(11/24/09) Version 6.7.5A has new Adobe Acrobat controls.  They may be registered at your convenience on each workstation when you sign on the workstation with administrative rights.  Click Tools, Miscellaneous, Register Controls.  You may need to re-register the controls as of 11/2/2008 if the new help system is not working.

Now Ready...  Immigration Forms 85 Forms.

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December 17, 2009       Version 6.7.9g
1. Case Activity and Scan shortcut / quick entry selections

If there are commonly used phrases that you type all the time in case activity or the ScanFiles Module then you can set up defaults so as to click rather than have to always type those phrases.

Click Tools, System, Configure system defaults, Scan Settings, Dropdowns to set the defaults for "Quick Entry Clicks" for case activity and the ScanFiles Service Module

You might want to first click the Case Activity (on the left) at System Defaults to quickly find a category number then click Scan Settings (at the far bottom left) and then click the Dropdowns button.

2. Bugfixes

December 14, 2009       Version 6.7.8A
1. New and Revised Forms
10452 - SSA Request for Hearing - HA-501-U5 (5-2007) ef (3-2008)
10454 - SSA Disability Report Appeal 3441-BK (10-2007) ef (07-2008)
    10451 - SSA Authorization Form SSA-827 (4-2009) ef (04-2009)
    10803 - Family Law Summons FL-100 (7/2009)
    10317 - Civil - Sum-100 (7/2009)
    10566 - WC Order Approving C & R Death/Dependency

2. Bug fixes - minor revisions

December 3, 2009       Version 6.7.7A
1. Bug fixes - minor revisions

November 24, 2009       Version 6.7.6A
1. Form 10565 - Exhibit List
2. SFS AES Encryption.
3. Quick PDF from Scanned Tab at client card print options - new control - requires registration
4. MessageBoxes adjustable heights in system defaults and tools, My Prefs.
5. New Form - Bankruptcy - Proof of Claim B10
6. Bug Fix - File, Switch Login Name
7. Bug Fix - Resize note field in calendar

October 22, 2009       Version 6.7.5A
1. Email now prints on a prospect report.
2. Forms
    10038 - Legacy DOR
    Form 10560 - Prescription Expense Record (new)
    Form 10118 - Subpoena fixes
    Form 10561 - FAX JV-520 S
    Form 10562 - FAX MC-005
    Form 10563 - FAX JV-520
3. Calendar Slip #5
4. Calendar printing allows for "individual" for calendar slips
5. History now tracks the last 250 names.

October 6, 2009       Version 6.7.4C
1. Mail tracker now has a primary names only checkbox
2. Calendar - month at a glance now resizes
3. Tools, My Preferences, Tasks allows you to set the default priority
4. Form 10320 - Revised Civil Case Mgmt Stmt, CM-110, 1/2009
5. Form 10038 - Prescription Expense Record (new)
6. Form 10098 - Request For Walk Through June 2009 DOR, Revised

September 17, 2009       Version 6.7.3A
1. Mail tracker now has a primary names only checkbox
2. Case Activity AutoSave.  -1 disables it, 0 through 15 defaults to autosave every 60 seconds, 16+ autosaves that amount in seconds (ie: 120 = autosave every 2 minutes)
3 Case Activity now has a Quick Save button
4. Delete rights for rolodex in group defaults
5. SSA -1696 Revised 6/2009 Form 10455  (social security form SSA-1696)

August 23, 2009       Version 6.7.2b

1.  IMMIGRATION FORMS - 85 Forms for Immigration

August 17, 2009       Version 6.7.1L
1. Emails allow for more room
2.  Scan Tracker - clicking the title in the grid now sorts both ascending and descending when clicked a second time to reverse order.
3.  WCIRB Revised 7/2009
4.  Minor bug fixes.
5.  Form 10455 Revised SSA 1696 - Appointment of Representative

July 20, 2009       Version 6.7.0A    Microsoft Outlook Update
1. Outlook Sent Emails are now AUTOMATICALLY posted to case activity when sent through A1-Law.
2. Revised Social Security Form
    Form 10458 Request for Review of Hearing Decision/Order (HA-520-U5)

July 15, 2009       Version 6.6.9A    Update
1. SFS tracker now shows paralegal and secretary at Process
2. Tools, My Preferences, Documents, SFS to auto-check for new docs
3. Configure System Defaults hides master password by default

July 6, 2009       Version 6.6.8A    Update
1. Minor form changes:
    Form 10085 Notice of hearing
    Form 10861 Doc Cover Sheet
    Form 10559 Information Sheet for Walk-In Ratings AHM
    Form 10094 Order Approving C & R Johnson & Sumner Oxnard
    Form 10006 M/L Order Form

2. A1 word processing supports Right Click cut/copy/paste options.

June 10, 2009       Version 6.6.7C    Update
1. Form 10221 - Med-Legal Fax Rating Request Form

June 4, 2009       Version 6.6.5C    Update
1. Case Activity Report allows for searching for words in documents under certain conditions depending on the document..

June 1, 2009       Version 6.6.4B    Update
1.  Text boxes, dropdowns and edit boxes now support Right Click with Undo, Redo, Clear, Cut, Copy, Paste, SelectAll
2.  Revised Form - OCF Coverage Research Service Request (Form 807) Rev 4/2009
3.  Contains social security fixes for EAMS Doc Cover Sheet and Stip form.

June 1, 2009       Version 6.6.3A    Update
1.  Calendar - Month at a glance now resizable.
2.  Document cover sheet now automatically inserts dashes in the SS #.
3.  Tools, My Preferences, Client Card, Two Monitors now allows EAMS forms to be dragged onto the second monitor.
4.  Paid button for case activity is user definable through configure system defaults, general, Case Activity.
5.  Tools, my preferences, documents, more, ScanFiles module do not make a copy now forces the original copy to be loaded instead of a temporary copy.  This allows for modification of the PDF such as adding note tags, etc.
6.  Prospects - intake refsource increased to 40 char, casetype increase to 40 char

May 14, 2009       Version 6.6.2C    Update
1. ScanFiles Service Module - new features, bug fixes. Ability to delete records. Profiles
Security for profiles in Group Defaults, Security, General2, ScanFiles Service Full Rights.

2. QUICK PREVIEW now available from the Saved Documents window

3. EAMS extra defaults now does not remove periods if they have a number that either preceeds or follows it. When automatically removing or changing strings when SaveTo Disk is clicked (ie: Street to ST or removing all colons, etc) periods are not removed if they are proceeded or followed by a number because it could designate a monetary dollar figure.

4. Saved Documents now has filters for the dropdown under System Defaults, Forms, Miscellaneous, Exclude Categories (separate category numbers with a comma). Also, categories are now displayed in the title bar at Saved Documents.

5. All form commands always get stored in thisform.aStorage(100) for futher manipulation. For example:

<<command = injury,eamsall4>>

fieldname = caseno1,<<command = code strtran(thisform.aStorage(100), ",", "")>>

6. DOR now prints all case numbers

May 7, 2009       Version 6.6.0B    Update
1.  SFS new features
2.  Injury reports list the claim numbers.
3.  New Forms
    10556 - WC Cover Sheet Style #3
    10557 - WC Further Order Approving C & R
    10558 - WC Finding and Order RE Second QME Panel (Represented Case)
    10044 - (revised) Fee Disclosure, fonts are larger

April 29, 2009       Version 6.5.9J    Update
1.  M/L Order form populates all dates of injuries
2.  File tracker report allows one to include empty locations
3.  Calendar special report #5b in release 6.5.9C

Bug Fixes
a. Show All in saved documents did not filter individual case types.
b. Calendar view dialog always default to Jan when the date was blank.  Now it defaults to today's date.
c.  Tasks completed from a client card glitch now fixed.
d.  File transfer bug fixes.

April 22, 2009       Version 6.5.8E    Update
1. The case activity replaces the Find with a Filter and now works for both the normal and advanced case activity.
2.  Case Activity Fee/Costs page now allows for a combo box for the Type Of Fee in System Defaults, Popups.
3. Form letter code <<command = code RICHCRLF(chr(13) + chr(10))>> returns a carrage return line feed in rich text format
4. ScanFiles Error Log file now appends to the end of the log file on each upload rather than delete the entire file each upload.  It always keeps the last 25K plus what was added since the latest sync.
5. Global search and replace words for an EAMS form. One may prefix it with an equal sign to only compare the last word on the field. For example:
6. M/L Order Form minor auto-population improvements.

Bug Fixes:
a.  GetParty,ask14 and ask15 parameters did not display the phone number of the last item selected.
b.  A1-Law checks to make sure scanfiles folders exist extras4, extras4\temp and docs folders when clicking the ACCESS button.
c.  The Loop command in form letters caused a pink error if the INJURY table did not exist for that case being scanned.  Normally, injury tables should exist for every case.
d.  Not really a bug but record locking has been consolidated. Later it was discovered to always install ServicePack 1 on Vista workstations.
e. Task Bugs - minor fixes
f. In some situations, A1-Law was slow to save case information.

April 6, 2009       Version 6.5.7A    Update
1. GetParty now has Ask14 and Ask15 parameters for style dropdown to accommodate phone and fax numbers in selections
2. Calendar popup date control - Double click task date is now fixed when adding miscellaneous tasks and also we now have a calendar popup that allows for "single click" on a button rather than double click on the date.
3. Forms, Saved Documents tab now has a category dropdown and a filter.
4. New Calendar Special Report #5 with optional shading
5. Saved Documents now has a case activity category dropdown and filters
6. Search for a case now has Main Report 1b

Bug Fixes:
Importing ZIP file in Transfer Utility did not properly rename xfm to xfml
Postactadvanced command did not work when merging with Word or Corel

March 22, 2009       Version 6.5.6A    Update
1. GetParty [upper] parameter fixed.
2. Autosave for case activity default is now OFF. Use tools, my preferences to turn on
3. Prospect Transfer using the file prostran.txt in the extras folder. It might contain something like the following:
replace user1.field2 with thisform.oFields.RefSource
replace user1.field3 with thisform.oFields.RefBy

Forms - Update
10555 OCF WC Award Van Nuys
10751 OCF Pension Lacera Application for Disability Retirement (DIS 101)
10752 OCF Pension Lacera Physician Statement For Disability Retirement (DIS 107)
10753 OCF Pension Lacera Beneficiary Designation (RSD 504)

March 16, 2009       Version 6.5.5A    Update
1. Search For A Case, contains More Filters/Email Filter

New Forms

Social Security
10481 OCF SSA Function Report (Form SSA-3373-BK (9-2004))
10482 OCF SSA Function Report (Form SSA-3380-BK)

Worker’s Compensation
10549 OCF WC QME 105 Attachment
10550 OCF WC QME 106 Attachment
10551 OCF WC QME 111 Evaluator's Summary Form
10552 OCF WC QME 112 Report Time Frame Extension Request
10553,OCF WC QME 121 Declaration Re Protection of Mental Health
10554,OCF WC QME 122 AME or QME Declaration of Service of Medical - Legal Report


March 9, 2009       Version 6.5.4A    Update
1. Command = injury,pob2 displays all the EAMS body parts for the specific injury. Pob3 displays both the EAMS and legacy body parts
2. Transfer Utility now allows for both import/export of files as well as export to another A1Law folder on the same drive.

February 26, 2009       Version 6.5.3A    Update
1. New Forms:
    Workers’ Compensation
        10528 Request for QME - Form 105
        10224 Request for QME Panel - Form 106
        10547 QME Appointment Notification - Form 110
        10548 OCF Voluntary Directive Alt Service of M/L Eval Report On
            Disputed Injury (QME Form 120)

    Social Security:
        10479 SSA-4-BK Application for child Insurance benefits
        10480 SSA-11-BK Request to be selected as payee

2. Import/Export Feature to merge cases from one A1-Law database to another.

February 9, 2009       Version 6.5.1F    Update
1. Task Macros
2. Application Intake Packet 10886
3. Separator Sheet Packages (1-10 user definable pages)
4. Client card injury summary displays the EAMS POB
5  Calendar Special Report #3 now contains calendar status
6. Claim # may be added to Outlook Email forms
7. Global reassign allows to "blank out" a UDF
8. Outlook Attachments bugfix


January 20, 2009       Version 6.5.0A   Update
1. Minor bug fixes
2. Tasks - option to show/print only high priority tasks.
3. Task Report will now print yourfileno, priority and tasktype filters by priority
4. Case Activity Global Reassign for categories
5. Client Card Print at scan tab - color coding is now displayed
6. Calendar - Status dropdown in system defaults

7. Group Defaults allow you to block access to special instructions
8. ViewXML Data command when editing case activity at Properties
9. Saved Forms now saves the higlighted document when you leave the window
and come back
10 My Preferences allows you to default task date to today’s date and also
allows you to default windows to preferred window or last state.
11. Global Reassign User Defined Fields
12. Form 10601, 10626 with EAMS # as priority in captions

January 2009       Version 6.4.9C   Update
NEW VERSION 6.4.9C - January 2009
1. <<NOXMLFILE>> for PDF forms
<<NOPOSTACT>> for PDF forms
<<USEACROBAT>> for PDF forms opens Acrobat instead of VeryPDF

MASTERPDFTEMPLATE allows one to use a different PDF filename for that
form letter. For example:

<<ALLUPPERCASE>> Checks the box to convert the document to all upper

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