Version 6.9.6R Now Available

6.4.4C will re-register all the controls

Click Help, About to see what version you currently have.
Click Help, Check For Web Updates if you have internet access to get the latest update.  You only need to do this on one workstation with internet access.
No one needs to exit A1-Law when you perform this update.
They may exit A1-Law anytime and run it again and it will automatically be installed on their workstation.

New Download Instructions as of 1/2/2008
(11/24/09) Version 6.7.5A has new Adobe Acrobat controls.  They may be registered at your convenience on each workstation when you sign on the workstation with administrative rights.  Click Tools, Miscellaneous, Register Controls.  You may need to re-register the controls as of 11/2/2008 if the new help system is not working.

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December 12, 2010       Version 6.9.6R
1. A1-Law System Messages - Group Defaults, Messages, Show A1-Law Status Messages
2. Disable the rolodex attach button. Group Defaults, Rolodex, Disable Attach Button
3. Tools, My Preferences, Documents, SFS, Disable the Mark Mail Completed button in ScanFiles Service Module
4. New Fields - Other Cases, Closed FileNo
5. Minor Civil Form Updates
6. Quick note has an automatic date entry link

November 22, 2010       Version 6.9.6M
1  Custom calendar save defaults
2  Referral report from found cases.2.  Revised Pre-Trial Conference form 9/2010.
3.  Revised Claim Form 6/2010
4. {FieldNameNoLF command will remove linefeeds before the ending braces
5. System Defaults, General, Case Activity, Paid button keep old/new date.
6. Revised DEU-101 form.

October 7, 2010       Version 6.9.6A
Assign tasks to a "pool" for fair and even distribution.
  Sometimes on a "team" it's desirable to distribute tasks evenly to a group of people so that everyone in the group has the same number of tasks.  This new feature allows you to set up groups and then assign tasks evenly to the members in that specific group.  Each group is independent of each other.  Therefore, if you have ten staff members in group one (call it the "secretary group:) and you assign 200 tasks to the group then each group will have 20 additional tasks.  This would be completely separate and independent from another group even if some of the members in group one are also in another group.  Therefore, members in multiple groups could end up with far more tasks than members who are only in one group.  A1-Law automatically keeps track of the last member who was assigned a task in a specific group and then continues to assign a task to the next member in a group.

To create a group or groups, click Tools, System, Configure System Defaults, Tasks, Groups.  You may then assign members to groups and separate each group by pressing enter.  First name the group and separate it with a comma then a dash then enter the initials of each member in the group separated with a comma.  For example:

Secretary Group-AAA,ABC,DDD,EEE
Miscellaneous Group-AAA,ABC,XXX,YYY
Attorney Group,XXX,DXD,ACZ

You may then assign tasks to members in the group by clicking the GROUP button either when adding a task or in the ScanFiles Service Module when processing documents.

October 6, 2010       Version 6.9.5M
1. Tools, My Preferences, Documents, SFS, Style dropdown for the SFS module controls how Acrobat Files are displayed.  Supports dual monitors when using Adobe Acrobat to view files.

2. Reports for awards.

3. Tools, My Preferences, Documents, SFS, Style dropdown for the SFS module controls how Acrobat Files are displayed. Supports dual monitors when using Adobe Acrobat to view files.

4. The Task Report now has a "contains" checkbox to make it easier to search for tasks containing a word or words and therefore does not require the use of the Advanced search feature.

5. Date Open is now on Main Search Report 2 from Search For A Case, Found Cases

6. The PostCal form letter command now allows for a venue after the judge. Heres the new format:
<<command = postcal calendarno, date, time, event,
attyass, attyhand, defendant, status,
judge, venue [ALERT] [EDIT] >>

Heres a completed example (one might decide to not have a line feed after each command as this will create a linefeed in the A1-Law document (but it will have no affect when merging to Corel or Word)

<<command = memory,assign 30 1>>
<<command = memory,assign 31 "10/1/2010">>
<<command = memory,assign 32 "4:00p">>
<<command = memory,assign 33 "Deposition">>
<<command = memory,assign 34 "AAA">>
<<command = memory,assign 35 "BBB">>
<<command = memory,assign 36 "IBM">>
<<command = memory,assign 37 "OPEN">>
<<command = memory,assign 38 "SMITH">>
<<command = memory,assign 39 "HERE">>
<<command = PostCal 30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39 [ALERT] [EDIT]>>

7. A1-Law / Corel Word Perfect form letter integration now includes Spanish characters and section
sign. Characters included are as follows: ѿ

8. Tools, My Preferences, General 2, Dropdown maximum display count sets the maximum items to display in a dropdown.

9. Bug Fixes

August 27, 2010       Version 6.9.5A
1. New and Revised Forms
    10202 Physicians PR2
    10203 Physicians PR3
    10222 Physicians PR4
    10513 WCIRB Revised 6/2010

2. Disable Autolog. Tools, System, Configure System Defaults, Security,

3. Type from the client card now has a Co-Def.

4.  Transfer Utility A1Sync version 3.4.6 now handles very large files.

August 22, 2010       Version 6.9.4H
1.  Transfer Utility A1Sync version 3.4.6 now handles very large files.

August 15, 2010       Version 6.9.4F
1.  Party Delete prompt control in preferences.  One may set a system default to prompt users when deleting parties at the Party sheet by clicking Tools, System, Configure System Defaults, General, Client Card, Page2, Prompt When Deleting Parties.  One may now override that setting in Tools, My Preferences, Client Card, Prompt When Deleting Parties.

August 12, 2010       Version 6.9.4A
1.  The Main Menu now contains a quick link to what is new in the latest version.  At the lower left corner click "What's New In This Version."  You do not need internet access to view the latest features.  You may click Window, Show Main Menu if you close the window and want to view it again or just quit A1-Law and go back in to view the main menu.

2. EAMS Forms - Revised.  All forms now contain the new separator sheet as page 1.  The DOR and Document Cover Sheet have also been updated.

3. New Forms - Family Law

    10809  Declaration of Service of Declaration of Disclosure (FL-141)
    10810  Stipulation and Waiver of Final Declaration of Disclosure (FL-144)
    10811  Request to Enter Default (FL-165)
    10812, Declaration for Default or Uncontested Dissolution or Legal Separation (FL-170)
    10813  Judgment (FL-180)
    10814  Notice of Entry of Judgment (FL-190)
    10815  Request to Set Uncontested Matter

July 25, 2010       Version 6.9.3A
1. System Instant Messages, automatic notifications for tasks and/or ScanFiles documents that are assigned.  Click Tools, My Preferences, Notifications
2. New Forms:
    Form 10335 - CIV-110 Request for Dismissal
    Form 10461 - SSA-3368-BK Disability Report 

July 18, 2010       Version 6.9.2A
Commutation form update
Outlook form now has BCC

June 27, 2010       Version 6.9.1B
Bug Fixes

June 6, 2010       Version 6.8.9F
New Forms
10584 WC Additional Panel QME Request
10585 WC Replacement Panel QME Request

Revised Civil Forms
10332 MC-350 Petition to Approve Compromise of Disputed Claim
10333 MC-351 Order Approving Compromise of Disputed Claim
10334 MC-355 Order to Deposit Money into Blocked Account

May 24, 2010       Version 6.8.9E
1. Civil Form - Answer Unlawful Detainer UD-105, Form 10368

May 6, 2010       Version 6.8.8A
1. Bug fixes

April 11, 2010       Version 6.8.7A
1. Rolodex search - Allows for Name and firm
2. A1-Law Form letters now have a Save and Continue button
3. Task Filters instead of Show All. Configure in Tools, My Pref
4. Venue is automatically assigned when attaching parties and also there is now a global reassign for venues.

New Forms
10582 Home Care
10583 Retainer Fee for Legal Services

April 4, 2010       Version 6.8.6A
1. New Forms
Lacera 10755 Legacy Form
Form 10362 Civil - Request for Entry of Default CIV100
Form 10366 Civil - Notice of Stay of Proceedings CM-180
Form 10367 Civil - Complaint Contract PLD-C

March 29, 2010       Version 6.8.5A

1. New Forms
10363 General Denial PLD-050
10364 Answer - Contract PLD-C-010
10365 Proof of Service Summons POS

2. User Defined Rolodex Security
See rolo1.old and rename to rolo1.prg using the parameters to test line14 in group defaults main parameter.

Bug fixes

March 11, 2010       Version 6.8.4J             Microsoft Word Macro Support

1. Microsoft Word Macro Support
This feature allows one to automate Word macros right before displaying the document.  One must use WordStyle = 2 to access this feature.  This feature contains a lot of power in that all the Word macros are available to automate right before A1-Law displays the Word document.  For example, one may automate the "File, Insert" command and insert a file that contains letterhead.  When doing this, one should strongly consider putting the command in a separate master merge file so that the path and filename of the letterhead only needs to be typed on time in a second master merge file.  The A1-Law letters would have two merge commands where one pulls the main merge commands such as those in 10626 as well as the new master merge file which should have a number less than 10,000.  An example of commands using macros might be as follows (please note - all your macro commands must be placed in between the WordMacroBegin and WordMacroEnd):


2.  The A1-Law Task Manager (Control-Zero) now has a "hard quit" button when ending the task and the quit option on the task manager menu fails.

3.  New Forms
10580 EDD Claim for Disability Insurance Benefits (DE 2501)
10581 Ortega & Wislon
10362 Civil - Request for Entry of Default (CIV-100)

4.  The PLUS button to the right of the Paste button at the Party sheet now copies all details to the clipboard including phone, Fax and Email.

February 7, 2010       Version 6.8.3B

1. Multi-Monitor support.
2. Photos from client card now open in default photo viewer. You may still open in A1-Law by right clicking the View button.
3. New Forms 11 new Ironworkers forms, Lacera form and Ogilvie Sheet

4. Re-register controls at your convenience.

10567 Ogilvie Sheet
10751 Lacera Application for Disability Retirement (DIS 101) 12/09
10754 Lacera Application for Disability Retirement (DIS 121) 12/09
10579 Walk Through -Attach DOR to Request Form

Iron Worker Forms

10568 Lien Request (Form 300)
10569 Complaint (Form 103)
10570 Complaint Death Case (Form 104)
10571 Mediation Request (Form 105)
10572 Arbitration Request (Form 106)
10573 Declaration of Readiness to Arbitrate (Form 107)
10574 Notice to Testify and Produce (Form 108)
10575 Compromise and Release (Form 200)
10576 Order Approving Compromise and Release (Form 200 b)
10577 Stipulations With Request For Award (Form 201)
10578 Award (Form 201 b)

a. SFS Module no longer displays deleted cases when case # is zero and user searches for a case.
b. UPONTOP now works in FORMS
c. Printer Drivers bug fix Selecting alternate printers from the report printer dialog sometimes cause "Error Loading Printer Driver" and other errors or simply did not switch printers.

January 25, 2010       Version 6.8.2g
1. Bug fixes.

January 5, 2010       Version 6.8.1A
1. Tasks now have a Show All

2.  A1-Law now displays a progress indicator when attaching documents to case activity.

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