Version 6.9.9H Now Available

6.4.4C will re-register all the controls

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Click Help, Check For Web Updates if you have internet access to get the latest update.  You only need to do this on one workstation with internet access.
No one needs to exit A1-Law when you perform this update.
They may exit A1-Law anytime and run it again and it will automatically be installed on their workstation.

New Download Instructions as of 1/2/2008
(11/24/09) Version 6.7.5A has new Adobe Acrobat controls.  They may be registered at your convenience on each workstation when you sign on the workstation with administrative rights.  Click Tools, Miscellaneous, Register Controls.  You may need to re-register the controls as of 11/2/2008 if the new help system is not working.

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December 14, 2011       Version 6.9.9H
1. Bug Fixes

November 13, 2011       Version 6.9.9F
1. Labels - exclude printing labels without addresses
2. Tasks - filter multiple initials
3. Alternate filenames for attached documents

Bug Fixes

October 9, 2011       Version 6.9.9D
1. A1-Law now uses the default browser when opening websites
2. Top sheet now displays the middle initial
3. EAMS Application updates

September 21, 2011       Version 6.9.9B
1. Form updates and revisions.

September 5, 2011       Version 6.9.9A
1. Form updates and revisions.
    10484 OCF SSA Children Claiming SSI Benefits (SSA-3881-BK)
    10539 OCF VA HIPPA (10-5345)
    10588 OCF Order Approving C & R - San Diego
    10589 OCF Kaiser HIPPA Complaint (NS-9934)
    10859 OCF EAMS DOR form update

August 10, 2011       Version 6.9.8Y
1. Form updates and revisions.
    CIVIL - Case Management Statement Form 10320, July 2011
    CIVIL - CIV-010 App & Order for Appointment of Guardian Ad Litem Form 10374
    CIVIL - Judgement (JUD-100) Form 10375
    CIVIL - Proof of Service POS-040 Form 10376
    CIVIL - Attachment to Proof of Service POS-040(P) Form 10377
    WC EDD Release of Records Form 10587

July 28, 2011       Version 6.9.8U
Perfect Filer Integration

July 25, 2011       Version 6.9.8T
1. Form updates.
2. Bug Fixes

June 20, 2011       Version 6.9.8P
1. EAMS Separator Sheet Update - All EAMS Forms

June 17, 2011       Version 6.9.8O
1. Task Report has larger fonts
2. Pool report modifications
3. Other Cases - allows for dropdown selections
4. New and Updated Forms:
    10452 SSA Request For Hearing By Administrative Law Judge (HA-501-U5)
    10473 SSA Identifying Information for Possible Direct Payment of Authorized Fees (SSA-1695)
    10483 SSA Written Questions to Claimant
    10507 Ventura - Declaration for Court Assignment - Family Law - Form VN027

May 22, 2011       Version 6.9.8L
New / Updated Forms

April 11, 2011       Version 6.9.8G
New / Updated Forms
10306 MC-356 Receipt of Deposit into Blocked Account
10332 MC-350 Civil - Petition to Approve Compromise of Claim
10342 FW-001 Request to Waive Court Fees
10372 MC-356EX Expedited Petition to Approve
10373 MC-350(A-13b(5)) Medical Service Provider Attachment to Petition

March 13, 2011       Version 6.9.8A
New Forms
10321 Civil Case Cover Sheet Addendum - LACIV 109 Rev 1/11
10371 Civil Ex Parte Application (CM-020)
10586 Pre-Hearing Statement

February 16, 2011       Version 6.9.7k
1. Group Defaults, Rolodex Security, Special Instructions
2. INPUT4 command now has a Prompt Date2 so that it does not warn if dates are in the past
3. Transfer Utility Improvements - At The Office option is now enabled.

January 30, 2011       Version 6.9.7g
1. SFS upload entire caption. System Defaults, ScanFiles, Upload Full Caption
2.  New and updated forms:
    Form 10253 Civil Case Cover Sheet Los Angeles (revised)
    Form 10342 Civil Request to Waive Court Fees (FW-001
    Form 10343 Civil Order on Court Fee (FW-003)
    Form 10369 Civil Request to Waive Additional Court Fees (FW-002)
    Form 10370 Civil Notice to Court of Improved Financial Situation or Settlement (FW-010)

    Form 10470, SSA 3288 Consent for release of information
3. Print individual party comments and special instructions. Right click on the Paste button at the Party sheet of the client card.
4. Qiuck note now allows you to insert the date at the top or bottom of the note
5. Task Report now allows for individual tasks to be printed.
6. Reindex bug fix

January 9, 2011       Version 6.9.7d
1. Drag and drop a rolodex card to either the Party sheet or the Found Cases window
2. Form 10454 - Social Security Form revised 8/2010  Disability Report Appeal (SSA-3441-BK)
3. Injury,EAMSALL5 command prints the EAMS number and the WCAB number in parenthesis.
4. PDF viewer either from A1-Law or Acrobat through My Preferences and Configure System Defaults.

December 12, 2010       Version 6.9.6R
1. A1-Law System Messages - Group Defaults, Messages, Show A1-Law Status Messages
2. Disable the rolodex attach button. Group Defaults, Rolodex, Disable Attach Button
3. Tools, My Preferences, Documents, SFS, Disable the Mark Mail Completed button in ScanFiles Service Module
4. New Fields - Other Cases, Closed FileNo
5. Minor Civil Form Updates
6. Quick note has an automatic date entry link

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Please consider using our support forum for posting ideas, questions and comments regarding A1-Law so that everyone may learn from everyone else.

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